Thursday, 3 January 2019

Strive Masiyiwa’s Wife Deletes Twitter Account After Another “Insensitive/Privileged” Tweet

Tsitsi Masiyiwa, wife of Econet Wireless founder Strive Masiyiwa has deleted her Twitter account after she came under fire from social media users when she posted a tweet which was deemed “insensitive” and “privileged”. 

Tsitsi who is a philanthropist in her own right upset a number of people when she implied that some fights for justice should not be taken seriously because they will be sponsored. On Wednesday night, Tsitsi wrote,

“Some outcries and actions in pursuit of justice seem and look so right until you discover the source of the outcry and sponsor of the cause. Take a step back and reflect on some of the things we consider good and just causes.”

However, this message seems not to have resonated with a good number of people who accused Tsitsi of being so removed from the day to day reality of life that she wanted people to stop fighting for justice. Some accused her of being insensitive because of her privileged position. The timing of the tweet was also horrible as it came just after President Emmerson Mnangagwa released the report from the Kgalema Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 violence and deaths. 7 people died after the military used live bullets to quell protests by opposition supporters. Some quarters, including the opposition, have dismissed the report as a whitewash meant to protect President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s image.
Strive Masiyiwa’s Wife Deletes Twitter Account  After Another “Insensitive/Privileged” Tweet
Human Rights Watch Southern Africa Director Dewa Mavhinga replied Tsitsi saying,

” If you are implying that all and any outcry and pursuit of justice is sponsored then that really is sad. When your husband pursued his fight to be licensed it was a just cause. In such position of privilege, you should choose your words more carefully, lest you promote injustice.”

This is not the first time that Tsitsi has come under fire on social media. In April she was forced to issue an apology after she had questioned the work ethic of Zimbabweans and implied that they are lazy. Masiyiwa initially tweet,
Wondering how a nation with GDP per capita of $1 000 for over 37 yrs life expectancy 34yrs upto 31% children stunted, can insist on the right to work 8hrs plus 1 hr lunch 5 days a week, rest for 2 days watch football for 42 wks straight. Where is the sense of urgency desperation?

However, after receiving at least 660 Tweets, Tsitsi came back to Twitter and apologised for her earlier message. In her apology she said,

Friends who responded to my tweet. I passionately love Zimbabwe love to express, debate & brutally confront the challenges that hold us back. To those who are angry and livid feeling offended, I apologise wholeheartedly.

Dialogue is critical to get us moving forward & it gives us a platform to seek solutions. It’s part of the way we fix ourselves and each other. Let’s share solutions as we face hard truths. My work in the community expresses my passion.

Do you think she was being insensitive in her tweet.

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