Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Shamed Prophet Walter Masocha Forced Married Women In His Church To Do From Behind So They Would Not Get Pregnant

Shamed UK based Prophet Walter Masocha forced the married women in his church to have anal sex with him so they would not get pregnant and their husbands would not find out.

A source close to the shamed Bishop revealed exclusively to Mary-Tamar was Jean that Walter Masocha has bedded over half of the married women in his church.

“He always got a buzz from sleeping with married women. He would tell them that if they had oral and anal sex with him, their unsuspecting husbands would never find out and they would never get pregnant”, said the source.

His wife Judith Masocha is reported to have found naked pictures of various married women on his phone over the Christmas period, along with explicit messages to his own daughters, and immediately sought divorce from her evil husband of over 35 years.

The shamed prophet also spent a lot of money on the women whom he regarded as his ‘concubines’, buying them houses and taking them on secret ‘prayer retreats’ across the country.
Shamed Prophet Walter Masocha Forced Married Women
The disgraced Prophet recently took a selfie with a married woman who is only identified as ‘Ruth’ at some secret location during a ‘prayer retreat’. Ruth, who is a loyal member of the cult and refers to Masocha as ‘Daddy’ or ‘Man of God’ is reported to have divorced her first husband 10 years ago when she first joined Agape Church. Walter Masocha is reported to have groomed Ruth in Scotland as she sought legal papers to stay in the United Kingdom. He told her to divorce her first husband so that God would bless her and open doors for her.

But ‘Ruth’ was not the only woman Masocha enjoyed ‘intimate’ relationship with in his church. Many of the women believed he was an anointed man of God, and anything he told them to do, including anal sex, they would do.

Most of Walter Masocha’s defenders remain married women and single mothers, who are the majority of members of his church.

Below are some of the married Agape women, including the prophet’s daughter Sandra Masocha singing during an agape holiday.

More to come, including some pictures of the shamed prophet with his married women ‘concubines’. jeangasho.com

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