Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Sandra Masocha’s Husband Deletes His Wife From His Social Media Amid Allegations Of Incest Between The Disgraced Prophet Walter Masocha And His Daughters

The husband of the first daughter of the shamed sex Prophet Walter Masocha, Geoffrey Chihuri has dramatically deleted his wife Sandra Masocha Chihuri from his Social Media profiles amid rumors that Walter Masocha has been sleeping with his daughters.

This comes after the disgraced Prophet stepped down from his role as the leader of Agape For All Nations Ministries International after he admitted to a grave moral failure confessing that he is not fit to be a spiritual Father anymore.

Walter Masocha is reported to also have slept with a number of married women in Agape church which has pushed his wife Judith to seek divorce. Over the past few days, especially on Christmas Day, social media was ablaze with rumors and speculation of some of the disturbing things that the sex pest Prophet is supposed to have done, including bedding his own daughter.

Agape Church has since deleted both its Facebook and Instagram Accounts.

SCOTLAND. The husband of Walter Masocha’s first daughter, Geoffrey Chihuri has dramatically removed his wife Sandra Masocha from his Facebook account. The shock twist comes after social media has been ablaze with disturbing allegations and speculation that the shamed Bishop admitted to sleeping with his own daughter/daughters and a host of married women in the church.
Sandra Masocha’s Husband Deletes His Wife From His Social Media
Sandra Masocha Chihuri has also deleted her Facebook account which she used to share pictures of her married life to husband Geoff Chihuri. The couple has a 5-year-old daughter together. There have been rumors that Walter Masocha used to bed both his daughters dating back to 5 years ago when Walter Masocha’s sex convictions were mysteriously squashed by a Judge in Scotland after the shamed prophet had been put on the sex offender register.

Geoff and Sandra married in 2013 in a lavish wedding that was sponsored by the Agape Church members. The wedding caused so much drama and anguish in the Agape Church as most of the church members where selfishly snubbed, yet it was the church members who had paid for the wedding.

Geoff Chihuri was highly esteemed in the church as he was the Prophet’s son-in-law, a position that was sought by many young men in the church. Geoff Chihuri enjoyed a lot of benefits, financial and social, which came along with being married to the ‘Prophet’s daughter’. His parents were also very proud that their son had done so well by marrying the ‘First Daughter’ of Agape Church. Sandra and Geoff’s wedding gifts included mortgage-free houses, expensive furniture and other luxuries this life has to offer.

Earlier this year, Sandra Masocha Chihuri and her husband Geoff enjoyed couples retreat to Morocco with the ‘prophet’ and his estranged wife Judith along with other members of Agape church.

Sandra is seen below in a video showing off her husband Geoff on a fishing trip in Morocco which was hosted by her disgraced Father Walter Masocha.

However, it all seems to have crumbled down as Geoff does not want to be associated with the ‘First Daughter’ anymore amid rumors that the sex shamed prophet has allegedly slept with many women in the church, including his own daughter/daughters.

During my time in the Agape cult, I had a very unhealthy relationship with Sandra Masocha, as she used her status as the Prophet’s daughter to abuse and manipulate me. I used to do all her university assignments, she was studying Media at a Scotland University. However, when I fled the cult and reported the abuse to the police, I had Sandra Masocha’s degree revoked by the university and never graduated.

Well, I don’t mean to gloat but 5 years later, I am the one happily married to a man who will go to the moon and back for me. In fact, as I pen this article, Boaz just served me breakfast in bed and asked me how my writing was going. He loves it when I write.

Well, I think that just says it all, time is the greatest revealer of truth ... jeangasho.com

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