Thursday, 3 January 2019

Prophet B.S. Chiza Deliveres Official 2019 Prophecies - A Must Read!


1. The Lord showed me vividly, that what’s happening in Zimbabwe currently is very spiritual. It's a spiritual judgement that needs to be solved spiritually because the elections were not handled well, especially in the area of fairness/credibility, though there was a certain degree of peacefulness and freeness during elections.

So, God is not happy with the way elections were done. This election had God inside and as I prophesied before the election that four words were supposed to be carried out by ZEC and the Presidium *(peaceful, free, fair and credible)*. The throne of Zimbabwe has a curse sitting on it right now and it needs to be cleansed spiritually. 

No matter which systems they use - plagues are judgments. So, until that is sorted we will continue seeing Zimbabwe moving in circles. No matter how much you dream or wish for Zimbabwe to change, there are some godly spiritual things that need to be done to cleanse the throne. Zimbabwe will still be in the same position until certain *"heavenly"* spiritual measures are taken to cleanse the throne. Many other things have been there for a long time but what is striking Zimbabwe right now is what I am telling you.

2. The Lord says, Top Government Officials of Zimbabwe must stop consulting traditional healers/ witchdoctors/ mapostori (James 4vs8). If they want transformation, they must go to Pentecostal Churches/ Anointed Servants of God (Deuteronomy 18vs9-14). They are buying poverty and curses on top of curses that were already there. I hope this message will go to the leadership of this nation. They must stop consulting witchdoctors and going too much to mapostori. 

Additionally, this country is experiencing a spiritual problem and you cannot solve a spiritual problem using economics. You can try and try but nothing will change.

3. I was given verses in spirit, James 4:6/ James 4:17 and the Lord said His Excellency President E.D Mnangagwa must pray and humble himself for the sake of the Zimbabwean people he is leading and have a dialogue with Advocate Nelson Chamisa for this economy to change, because if there is no dialogue the people of Zimbabwe will continue to suffer. It’s a spiritual thing. They must stop saying that Chamisa is too young. "Be humble our Honourable President and do the right thing", says the Lord. “They know", says the Lord "that it is the right thing to do and are simply resisting". It’s a sin. As a prophet, God showed me that Advocate Nelson Chamisa has a small key that he was given by God which is very powerful in the spirit. 

They must know that he is spiritually deep/ mature; a born again and spirit filled Christian and he is an anointed man of God. Once they start dialoguing, we will begin to see things changing in this country. If that dialogue does not happen, the new baby Zimbabwe that I saw in that previous prophecy I gave in 2018, will be taken deeper into the sea; Zimbabwe will go to a point of no return. I think His Excellency President C. Ramaphosa understands what I am saying. 
Prophet Blessing Chiza
Prophet B.S. Chiza Deliveres Official 2019 Prophecies - A Must Read!
Once God sees that happening, you will see fuel coming back among other negative things being corrected. There is something powerful that is of God in Chamisa that people don't know. If the presidium does not heed this instruction, I saw Zimbabweans becoming very impatient, and protests that have never been seen in Zimbabwe arising which shall bring the whole nation out into the streets. They will send the government resigning because some of the people will not leave the streets demanding food from the President. No soldier/ police will be able to stop/handle that which I saw because the multitude will be beyond human control and measure. I saw people marching and staying in streets for 3-5 days saying, “We will not leave until the president resigns". If this does not happen by June, Zimbabwe will stand still. 

The poverty will be worse than 2008. Food will be there yes in shops as I said in 2016 but people won't be able to buy it. Poverty will be attacking people. Especially the youth; I saw them running with empty plates that are rusted saying, “give us food”. A point where this country will be ungovernable.

4. On this PROPHECY. I am not giving the time frame but you will see it happening, a wave that is going to come into Africa of new young presidents and it’s of God. God was removing old presidents, it was like their era in the spirit has passed, countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It shall be a revival, they will improve Africa and will run countries with digital E-Government, these countries shall be a marvel again. They will remove systems of rigging of elections and Africa shall be respected again. I see this happening soon in God's time and season. I see the Lord saying, “tell my people in Zimbabwe to believe in Me, to go to church more in 2019 and listen to my word, they shall survive with my grace, from the pulpit and not from the parliament because nothing shall come from there for now. I repeat again, nothing shall come from there for now”.

5. The Lord says "His Excellency President E.D Mnangagwa, Vice-President Chiwenga and Vice-President Mohadi must be born again and start to learn to love God in 2019". I received (Proverbs 14:34/ James 4:8). This must be done to attract righteousness, you must start to love God and to attend church, (pentecostal and not maspostori or maZion). Be born again it's for your heavenly future and current good. I repeat again with all respect and Honor, His Excellency President E.D Mnangagwa, VP Chiwenga & VP Mohadi be born again in 2019. If you think we are too young go to elderly Men of God like Baba Guti or others but please be born again I don't really know why God is stressing that.

6. I was also given in spirit 1st Chronicles 28:2, 29:2-3. All men of war stop fighting for presidium because you will never prosper Zimbabwe. If you just hear someone with a title of 'war something' know that it will be difficult to have prosperity with that person. Zimbabwe, you must know that if these people come it will be poverty after poverty. You will not build Zimbabwe because you have been a man of war and have shed blood read 1st Chronicles 28v2, which good for liberating Zimbabwe like King David did but not for building a prosperous economy. Give to young people with clean hands, who did not fight war. So intercessors pray so that God may shine His light into their hearts so that they understand that the people of Zimbabwe have suffered too much.

7. The Lord again said, Pray against the spirit of suicide. I saw an increase of suicides in 2019. It will be too much, many people hanging themselves, drinking poison, shooting themselves and taking drugs because of economic hardships. God is saying, “pray in a serious way because it can attack anyone's family member". I was seeing a lot of people hanging on trees and some being put in metal coffins. Advice; no matter how much you suffer, never commit suicide. You would rather stay under a bridge having nothing than to commit suicide, suicide is demonic and it’s the easiest way to hell.
8. Then lastly the Lord gave me Zechariah 4:6 and said to me in about five clear divine visions, which came continuously to me. There is a man whom He is raising; a young president who shall bring economic and spiritual revival in Zimbabwe, in His time. The Lord showed me the man's inauguration in the National Sports Stadium in several visions. In the visions have rain always comes in the Stadium towards the end of his inauguration ceremony, which shall also come to pass in the physical realm. This man’s first name starts with an N and a surname which starts with a C. The initials are N.C. He shall be put by God. Demons will try many things and ways to stop his Presidency but will not succeed, even trying to change presidential age limit but finally he shall be inaugurated. Demons can sense his favour and moment is close and near, hence they will panic. President E.D Mnangagwa has his time and we honour him & his time and their dispensation with his Vice-Presidents but this N.C’s time is coming just as their time came. (Zechariah 4vs6) Read it to people. He is going to come by God’s power. 

I hear some say this N.C will never rule Zimbabwe, because he is young. But the Lord is saying they are saying out of their fleshly desires but God Himself shall shock many. When God says yes, no-man can say no. He will be in power, not by might/ not by the barrel. “His hands are clean and I have anointed him for his time", says the Lord. He is anointed of God and God fearing. People shall leave the diaspora to return to Zimbabwe when he begins ruling. In this time we shall see spaghetti roads for sure, forex abundance, great economic revival and nice tall buildings that you see in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. The main reason the man N.C is coming is for *"a spiritual revival"* which will see many people in Zimbabwe coming to Christ. He will make Zimbabwe Great again and he will break demonic altars in Zimbabwe which has kept it's people in poverty and we shall be the bread basket of Africa. There shall be a spirit of prayer in Zimbabwe that will sweep over the whole country. You shall not hear of bloodshed again in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe shall be a united, loving and peaceful country. His other name shall be Solomon and he shall reduce gold to be common stones (1st Kings 10vs27). Soldiers shall be happy, police shall be happy, nurses, doctors, teachers and all people of Zimbabwe shall be smiling. There is a wave of peace that shall sweep over Zimbabwe. God has not forgotten Zimbabwe. The question is when is his time? It can be any time, though it might be soon, nor sooner or later, or next election or before. But what I am simply saying is that God said to me "it shall be in My time and right time". Why not now? Why not last year? There are still numerous animals, corrupt animals that are big, that this person was not going to be able to deal with, but God put these people so that they deal with each other and it creates a highway for N.C. There were too many beasts in the field, it was God's way (Exodus 23vs29-30). 

The same way we were shocked how Mugabe left power is the same way some will be shocked how he will get into power. It has its time let's continue praying.!

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