Tuesday, 1 January 2019

‘I’m Not Fit To Be A Spiritual Daddy’, Shamed Prophet Walter Masocha Confesses 5 Years After His Sex Offence Convictions Were Squashed By Scotland Judge

Walter Masocha, the disgraced sex prophet who has recently stepped down from leadership in his church confessed that he had failed morally and was not fit to be a spiritual leader amid allegations that he has been sleeping with his own married daughter and various married women in the Church.

Agape church has since deleted their social media accounts as the shameful saga unfolds. A number of church members are reported to have quit the church amid the fall of their beloved Daddy.

His wife Judith Masocha is reported to have gone through her Bishop husband’s phone, finding nude pictures and explicit content that he was enjoying behind her back.

Meanwhile, Judith Masocha is reported to have telephoned Masocha family in Zimbabwe telling them she’s had enough and is deeply humiliated and is walking out of their marriage of over 35 years.

The church leaders have told the remaining Agape members to just fix their eyes on Jesus and continue to come to church because the church was formed by God, apparently.
Shamed Prophet Walter Masocha Confesses
A statement from the church penned by Francis Aturia read…

” Everyone is encouraged to fix their eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and perfector of our faith. We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will arise with HEALING in His wings (Mal. 4:2) and with His Healing stripes (Is. 53:5). The Envoys and Commissioners are available to any Agape child for support and prayer.”
This comes 5 years after Walter Masocha’s sex convictions where squashed by a Scotland Judge. Most of his followers and defenders where married women who went out of their way to prove to the world that Walter Masocha was indeed a man of God. These married women referred to Masocha as Daddy and formed a group called Daddy’s dancing girls where they danced for him. jeangasho.com

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