Monday, 28 January 2019

Breaking News - Malema Calls For 3 Days Zimbabwe Shutdown, Beitbridge Border Faces Closure

South Africa’s outspoken opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has pledged to go for a 3 day shut down in solidarity with suffering Zimbabweans, with the move targeting to push President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently intervene in the situation of Zimbabwe.

In a full statement detailed below purported to be from Malema, he said if push comes to shove he was mobilising South Africans and Zimbabweans to close beitbridge border post and the country’s embassy in South Africa until Zimbabwe is bailed from its economic turmoil.

The statement reads:

“As a next door as ANC taught us to respect our neighbours, we are calling for a diplomatic intervention with immediate effect."

“If the President fails we as the EFF we are going to mobilise all Zimbabwean and South Africans who have their Sadc region at heart to close the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe, what we are going to do is to close our South African side until the issue is resolved."
Breaking News - Malema Calls For 3 Days Zimbabwe Shutdown, Beitbridge Border Faces closure
“We are going to shut down Zimbabwean embassy and Zimbabwean consulate which is helping Zimbabwean criminals to suppress our brothers in Zimbabwe."

“It is my owner in respect of the president of Zimbabwe to Honour our immediate call to revive the call of the people of Zimbabwe."
“As EFF we wish people of Zimbabwe the best and if our president Ramaphosa failed EFF will intervene, we grew up in townships if your next door is mourning or having a funeral you don't up your radio volume in respect of what is happening at your neighbours, EFF is going that African route we are going to close the border."

“To the president of SA EFF can’t just watch like what you are doing to the people of Zimbabwe suffering like that. They are using a barrel to shoot civilians."

“I will be personally on the ground. #ShutDownZimbabwe embassy shutdown Musina border.”

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