Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Rise Of Tribalism - The Threats Hovering Over Cameroon

Tribalist speeches are growing in importance since the presidential campaign. Characterized by a great diversity linked to its myriad of ethnicity, under the influence of French and English speaking cultures, living together in Cameroon tends to be drowned by various factors.

The cultural identity of the country suffers from certain dysfunctions that can not be concealed. At first glance, we already count the internal multiplicity of the Cameroonian personality, the social coexistence of several cultural models and the difficulty of appropriating bilingualism. All these hazards combine to make intercultural dialogue difficult and to jeopardize living together.

From the outset, French and English, which are two cultural paradigms characteristic of the country, feed the desire for division for the fringe who claims to be aggrieved. Indeed, in the case where the English question would be the identity and not political, many would argue that the revolt in this part of the country emanates from a fact.

That where the marginalized "anglophone man" and the "francophone man" can not live together and constitute a nation. Tribalism, which is a sort of over-valorization of its tribal identity, rejecting or denying the other tribe, also remains a permanent threat to Cameroonian living together.
Rise Of Tribalism - The Threats Hovering Over Cameroon

This phenomenon almost found a fertile ground during the 2018 presidential election with a sort of identity withdrawal during the vote. A social scourge that squarely ignores meritocracy and excellence, whether for public or private employment, a competition, a public service ... is undoubtedly at the origin of the emergence of incivism and immorality that we observe on a daily basis. Better still, the country tends to become a field of proliferation of clientelism, corruption, nepotism, regionalism and ethnicism.
In the case of religion, one observes a form of fundamentalism in particular, the rise of waking churches and extremist Muslims whose threat is equally disturbing. The doctrine (radical) fed by the preachers of some of these religious confections is not likely to advocate the union, peace and peaceful cohesion dear to the regime of renewal. Clearly, these gurus become a kind of marriage counselors for parents and guidance of children.

Relatives who do not belong to the religious community are diabolical; and because of this, you have to either convert them or move away from them. The two-way rejection of "born again" or people belonging to a religion other than the classics are rejected.

All in all, it is hoped that over the years, all these bottlenecks that stand in the way of living together Cameroon will be stopped by the action of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

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