Friday, 16 November 2018

Nelson Chamisa Must Show Maturity

The previous comments by the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is indicative of deficiency of capacity to occupy the apex office.

How dare a president of a party who is aspiring to usher this great nation into Canaan utter such insults to Zimbabweans who died in defense of their votes, and some were just civilians doing their own business.

You might not have directly involved in sending protestors into the streets but calling them 'stupid rats' is something uncalled for.

You have proven that you are very abusive, selfish and that you are very good at just using people with no single iota of a sympathy in thine heart. People were killed for you, maimed for you, tortured for you and how on earth can you label 'terrorists' to people who wanted accountability of their votes.

You are politically immature and I advise you to resign or else apologize to the nation. You are drumming support for another demonstration which you will throw your supporters under the bus again. Never.
Nelson Chamisa Must Show Maturity
Talking too much lands you on rough grounds. Minimize your press conferences especially when you don't have something significant to say to the nation.

Dining with the media always reduces a thin line that divides you and amai Gucci Gushungo. So as a President, integrity and 'ubberima fides' should be maintained.

Otherwise this can lead to your downfall. And those who are advocating for the minimum age for post of a president may prove themselves right.

Calling your supporters 'stupid rats' Eish watch your tongue boy!!!!

Source - Isaac Nkomah

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