Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Madam Boss Sabotaged My Deal says Mai Titi

Felistas Edwards aka Mai Titi is not holding back in her verbal war against her former ‘bestie’ Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss.

In her latest interview with popular DJs, KVG and Phathisani on Star Fm, the comedienne stated that Madam Boss sabotaged her business deals in a cold hearted move.
Madam Boss Sabotaged My Deal says Mai TT
“Last week I was advertising for a company called BU, ask them, it’s me who started advertising for this company. Tyra goes there and says stuff. The next thing she was advertising for them” said a hurt Mai Titi.

An upset Mai Titi fired salvo at KVG , Phathisani and everyone who was judging her and saying she was jealous of her fellow comedian.
She delivered a scathing attack on Phathisani for ‘hating’ on her before breaking down into tears. The duo had to hang up on her as she went through an emotional meltdown on air.

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