Saturday, 24 November 2018

I Chose Cameroon Over Germany Because Of Eto'o - Bayern Munich Forward Franck Evina

Bayern Munich teenager Franck Evina says he chose to play for Cameroon over Germany because of his love for legendary forward Samuel Eto'o.

Franck Evina, who was born in Yaounde-Cameroon was eligible to play for Germany after moving to the European country at a young age.

However, after consulting Bayern coach Niko Kovac and his parents, he picked the five times African champions over the four times World Cup winners.

"It was never an easy decision choosing because both nations have very competitive and talented teams. But I believe joining Cameroon was the best choice for my career. Germany means a lot to me. I’m in one of the best clubs in the world and there’s a part of me that feels German," he told the BBC.
Franck Evina
"I spoke with my parents extensively on this and also spoke to Coach Kovac in Munich. They understood my worry and the coach (Kovac) asked me to make the best decision and I think this is the best choice for my career," he added.
"It is my love for Samuel Eto’o that spurred me to play for Cameroon. I’ve always admired him, he is a wonderful striker and I wanted to play like him, The thought of playing for Cameroon just like my role-model was too attractive to ignore.

Watching Eto’o play for Cameroon was exceptional and getting to know that I can play for the Lions like him is incredible," he concluded.

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