Monday, 8 October 2018

Latest Updates - Anglophone Regions Observe As Cameroon Decides

It’s the much awaited October 7th Presidential elections and Cameroonians are taking to the polls to determine who will replace the country’s 85 years old President Pau Biya.

After close to two weeks of breathtaking campaigns especially in the 8 Francophone regions as South West and North West regions continue to remain out of reach for many, the D-Day is finally here and TeboPost bring you updates across the country.

Anglophone regions continue to observe as the other 8 decides

Reports from the two restive English speaking Anglophone regions says the streets are empty in all major towns, punctuated by frightening gunshots in some towns like Buea which reminds the few remaining residents about the potential dangers of voting

Armed groups had warned denizens against voting come this day in the two regions as they say it’s violate their ‘sovereignty”, a move which had forced more than 50% of the population I the regions to flee for safety to safer cities East of the Mungo

However, some senior government officials have brave the security threats to vote in the regional capitals of Buea and Bamenda as the deserted regions continues to observer a ghost town with no single soul in the streets.
Latest Updates - Anglophone Regions Observe As Cameroon Decides
Governor Okalia Bilai voted at the courts area this morning amidst heavy security while prime Minister Philemon yang voted in up station Bamenda, calling on other denizens to brave the security challenges and vote in a call which would likely be snubbed by voters

Douala starts timidly with irregularities

Voting in Douala, the country’s economic capital has started timidly amidst complains of some irregularities in some polling stations.

Some voters complained that the ink used is not indelible while some party officials were blocked from entering polling stations in Bependa briefly as security stepped in to ensure order and let them in.
SDF’s flag bearers Joshua Osih voted in Lycee Joss in Bananjou Douala this morning and told the press he was worried about the situation in Anglophone regions and he is following it minute by minute

The two English speaking regions constitute the party’s biggest base in the country.

Still in Douala, Serge Espoire Motambo, one of the presidential aspirants who joined kamto coalition 48 hours to the vote has cast his vote in Bonaberi this morning.

North region

The governor of North region Abetty Jean was one of the first persons to cast his vote in that part of the country as he called on all to continue to promote peace and ensure the process takes place effectively

Center region

Voting has started in the country’s political capital Yaoundé as CPDM candidate President Biya and candidate Akere Muna are scheduled to vote in Lycee Le Clerke in Yaoundé today.

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