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Genocide and War Crimes In Anglophone Cameroon As Citizens Are Reduce To Animals

Acknowledging virtues of humanity and provisions of the preamble of Rome Status Act 1998 especially paragraph 2,3 and 4, taking into consideration section 6, 7 and 8 of the same law, the above mention crimes have been grossly committed in the Anglophone region of Cameroon without fear of the rule of law, morality and justice. 

Worthy to note is the fact that these crimes are largely committed by supposedly train military and to a lesser extent by the Ambazonian fighters.

Acts of Genocide is inevitable to talk in Anglophone region of Cameroon pertaining to Rome Statute Acts of 17 July 1998. This statute came into force on the 1st of July 2002 and some of its articles clearly outline acts which are equals to crimes against humanity, war crimes, acts of genocide, crime of aggression, element of crimes etc. It is important to note that these shortlisted crimes are inexorable to discuss when it comes to happenings in conflict zones within the globe. Thus, the following paragraphs will focus on the above mention crimes in relation to Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

First of all, before getting into articles mention above, it for our benefit to have a view on the preamble of Rome Statute Act 1998

Preamble of Rome Statutes Acts

The States Parties to this Statute, Conscious that all peoples are united by common bonds, their cultures pieced together in a shared heritage, and concerned that this delicate mosaic may be shattered at any time,

Mindful that during this century millions of children, women and men have been victims of unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity,

Recognizing that such grave crimes threaten the peace, security and well-being of the world,

Affirming that the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole must not go unpunished and that their effective prosecution must be ensured by taking measures at the national level and by enhancing international cooperation,
Genocide and War Crimes In Anglophone Cameroon As Citizens Are Reduce To Animals
Determined to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes and thus to contribute to the prevention of such crimes,

Recalling that it is the duty of every State to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over those responsible for international crimes,

Reaffirming the Purposes and Principles of the Charter of the United Nations, andin particular that all States shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations,

Emphasizing in this connection that nothing in this Statute shall be taken as authorizing any State Party to intervene in an armed conflict or in the internal affairsof any State,

Determined to these ends and for the sake of present and future generations, toestablish an independent permanent International Criminal Court in relationship with the United Nations system, with jurisdiction over the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole,

Emphasizing that the International Criminal Court established under this Statute shall be complementary to national criminal jurisdictions,

Resolved to guarantee lasting respect for and the enforcement of international justice,

The above preamble is an introduction and its create awareness of what ought to be done and what is ought not to done as far as human rights is concern


Genocide is defined according to this statute as acts committed with the intention to destroy in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. This crime can be committed through the following ways. The killing of a group of people, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, causing bodily and mental harm, imposing measures intended to prevent birth, forcibly transferring children of the group to another group etc. Therefore, it is left for the reader to take a stand, taking into consideration burning of villages, killing group of citizens and causing of psychological problems to a group of people. Is there any genocide crimes going on as far as Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is concern?

Taking the above facts into consideration and likening it to the situation in the Anglophone region of Cameroon, it is for the interest of the reader to decide whether there is genocide going on in the Anglophone region of Cameroon. Is the burning of village’s acts of genocide? is the killing of youths acts of genocide? Is causing bodily and psychological harm in this region act of genocide? Points noted, take a stand and denounce it so that both national and international community can join us and fight for the interest and protection of human rights in our society


According to this article, crimes against humanity can be committed through the following acts. These acts will be considered crimes against humanity when the actors know or are intentionally aware that they are injuring civilian population who instead need protection. For example, when there is killing of civilians during war, enslavement of civilians, forceful transfer of population, rape, and other crimes causing suffering to civilians (see Rome statute acts for more).

The reader is encouraged to take into consideration the above instances, compare it to what is happening in the Anglophone region of Cameroon where officials in Southwest region will tell citizens to leave the town within a limited period, where internet can be shutdown at any time, where war was declared against civilians in 2017 and is still going on in 2018 ending, where schools are burned, where villages are burned, where there is threat to education, where internally displace persons have no shelter in their home land and then answer the question, are there acts of crimes against humanity going on in the Anglophone region of Cameroon? Points noted, take your stand and answer the question for the interest and protection of human rights in our society. Then let our voices be heard at the level of national and international community denouncing these crimes


Acts which are referred to as war crimes according to Rome statute Act are by virtue of article 8 which is to the fact that, when the following crimes are committed as part of a plan, policy or as part of large-scale commission of such crimes it will constitute war crimes. The following are therefore crimes against humanity when they suit the above mention instances. That is, willful killing, inhuman treatment, taking of hostages, unlawful deportation or transfer, compelling prisoners of war to serve in the force of hostile power, attacks or bombarding of villages or towns by whatever means, attacking of religious, traditional or hereditary buildings, killing of innocent civilians destroying or seizing of enemies property and other acts relation to the above mention crime (see Rome Statute Act for more)
Thus, it is for the interest of a reader to take into consideration the above instances of war crimes and then compared it with the happenings in the Anglophone region of Cameroon since 2016 till date in 2018. Is the killing of innocent and unarm civilians a war crime? Is taking hostage citizens a war crime? Is maltreatment of prisoners of war in Anglophone region of Cameroon a war crime? Is forceful and illegal deportation of some citizens a war crime? Is the killing of religious and traditional authorities a war crime? Etc. The above instances are being witness in Cameroon every day. Points noted, take a stand and answer the question for the interest of human rights protection in our society, voice it to the entire world so that the international community can help curb the acts of war crimes in our society

We called on the international community to take note of what they agreed on the 17 of July 1998 into consideration as far as the crisis in the Anglophone region of Cameroon is concern. This is because most of what it takes for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity to be alerted has been indisputably surfaced in the Anglophone region of Cameroon since the aggravation of Anglophone crisis in 2016. Then why is the international community mute on the issue, why will the international community wait to cry of genocide in future when thousands are gone? Come and save a soul for there will be no use of humanitarian support and waste of United states of America’s money for no good reason in future while it could be used now and stop the genocide looming in high speed. The first help we need now from the international community is to intervene and give a solution to this crisis rocking the Anglophone region of Cameroon since 2016 before any other help. We do not need the help to monitor 2018 October 7 presidential election, but we need a solution to this crisis instead

Join me and spread the message across the world so that it may reach competent authorities who can handle the issue at hand before it is too late. 

And finally, let us call on the government of Cameroon to initiate negotiation process now so that a soul can be saved.

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