Thursday, 11 October 2018

Election 2018 - The MRC And The SDF Demand The Cancellation Of The Presidential Election Of 07 October 2018

Maurice Kamto of the MRC requests the partial cancellation of the vote while Joshua Osih of the SDF demands a total cancellation.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at midnight. It was the deadline to file at the registry of the Constitutional Council in Yaoundé, the appeals about the presidential election of Sunday, October 07, 2018.

After the legal end of receipt of the appeals, the High Court has not yet published the number of registered applications.
Joshua Osih
But according to our sources, at least two of the nine candidates filed appeals. Maurice Kamto, candidate of the MRC requests the cancellation of the Presidential 2018 in six regions. "In the North-West, South-West, East, South, North and Far-North," said Emmanuel Simh, vice-president of the MRC in evoking frauds that would have enamelled this election.

On the side of the SDF, his candidate Joshua Osih wants the 2018 presidential election to be canceled entirely, still for suspicion of fraud.

Before the candidates, the first applications were filed by Bertin Kissob and Pastor Gaban Rigobert Aminou, two pretenders to the supreme magistracy recaled by ELECAM. All also want the October 07 poll to be at least partially canceled.

The pastor filed a petition. He says he was unable to vote at Elig-Essono High School in Yaoundé because his name was not on any list while he holds a voter registration card. Bertin Kissob, who has been incarcerated at Kondengui central prison in Yaounde for several years, has lodged 14 appeals.

The verdict of the Constitutional Council is expected by 22 October 2018 at the latest.

Source - Election 2018-The MRC And The SDF Demand The Cancellation Of The Presidential Election Of 07 October 2018

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