Tuesday, 2 October 2018

‘Chatunga Akanakirwa Neni’ - Hot Dancer Zoey Spills Juicy Details On ‘Hook Up’ With Ex President’s Son

Exotic dancer Zoey Sifelani has revealed that she charmed former president Robert Mugabe’s son, Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe with her sultry performance at a club in Pretoria recently

Zoey, who is currently in South Africa for 3 series of shows, performed at Savoy VIP Lounge where Chatunga was part of the audience.

‘Chatunga Akanakirwa Neni’
She said Chatunga, son to former President Robert Mugabe, could not resist her and they met backstage where they ‘clicked’ and posed for some photos.

“The photos were taken during my show in Pretoria. I charmed him and we had to pose for photos backstage,” she said.

Zoey said she is always good on stage and leaves a lot of men drooling. She said it only took courageous men like Chatunga to “come out in the open and confess.”

“This has been a trend at most of my shows as some men request to see me after” she said
Zoey said she could not resist Chatunga as well

“It’s not like the issue is one sided here think I am also a victim. lye akanakirwa neni, ini ndakanakirwawo naye,” she said.
She, however, refused to disclose what inspired after the show or whether they exchanged contacts saying it was only important to comment on the photos and nothing more.

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