Tuesday, 16 October 2018

2018 Presidential Election: Constitutional Council To Examine 18 Petitions

The constitutional council begins examining post election petitions this Tuesday, 16th October 2018.A total of 18 petitions were deposited by five petitioners.

Bertin Kisob deposited 14 petitions requesting the cancelation of the election. His file to run for the election was rejected by the Electoral board of ELECAM. He is currently detained in Kondengui.
2018 Presidential Election: Constitutional Council To Examine 18 Petitions
Rev Mo whose file was also rejected file a petition requesting a cancellation of the election because he has a voter’s card, but his name did not appear on the electoral list.Cabral Libii of Universe Party also requested the Constitutional Council cancels the election because of irregularities. Maurice Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement requests the cancellation of the election in seven regions excluding the Centre, West and Littoral.The Social Democratic Front’s Joshua Osih also petitioned the highest jurisdiction of the land for electoral regularities.

After the three day deadline for the submission of petitions, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Council announced in a press release that petition hearings have been programmed for Tuesday, 16th October at 11am.
After the petition hearings, the Constitutional Council is expected to proclaim the results of the election during a solemn session.

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