Sunday, 30 September 2018

President Paul Biya and The Force Of Experience

It is said that experience is the best teacher. For about 36 years, President Paul Biya has humbly and efficaciously drive his country towards the path of development. 

During all this period, the peaceful, charismatic and wise leader has been able to keep Cameroonians united under one banner in the hope of looking at the same direction. As a spear header who holds peace and unity as prime ideals of his government, he has successfully sail through turbulent seas without sinking. Glaring is the Bakassi crises. 

In a diplomatic, peaceful and friendly method, President Biya wisely called his friendly neighbor, Nigeria to seek the face of justice for a final solution. This was in a bid to avoid bloodshed amongst the two nations and the wastage of property and resources. Thanks to the thoughtful wisdom of President Biya, Cameroon and Nigeria are now waxing strong as they cooperate in almost all domain of activity. 
President Paul Biya and The Force Of Experience
Through their joint efforts under the auspices of the Multinational Joint Task Force, they have been able to curb the activities of the violent Boko Haram insurgency. This sagacious attitude of Cameroons Statesman has earned him the visit of many top leaders in the sub region and beyond who don’t hesitate to consult him when the need arises for solutions on issues on the international scene.

His renowned experience in running the affairs of the state ties with his slogan “Paul Biya, the Force of Experience”. This campaign slogan that actually fits in the actual context and which no other party can contest or hijacked stands out to be a veritable ideology that has propelled the party to higher heights. 

It is a slogan that the sympathizers, militants and friends of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement uses as a spring board to canvass for votes for their national chairman and the presidential candidate for the party. It is crystal clear that amongst the nine aspirants vying for the post of the president of Cameroon, Mr Biya conspicuously depicts himself as that candidate which could bring greater opportunities to Cameroon. 

Glaring is a series of major projects that has already put Cameroon on a take off development point. Hardly is an affair that touches the security of his people and their goods go unsolvable. As the father of the nation, and an architect of Democracy in Cameroon, incumbent Paul Biya is bent on campaigning so that the Cameroon people continue to bestow their trust in him, and with his rich and unspeakable experience he will drive Cameroon for the next seven years to a safer harbor.

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