Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Age Of Paul Biya Is Not A Problem According To Blind Naive, Jean Jacques Ekindi

Jacques Ekindi, Coordinator of the Progressive Movement, Jean Jacques Ekindi has announced his candidacy for the presidential election.

Faced with the press on August 13, 2018, the coordinator of the Progressive Movement (MP), not party for the presidential election, defined the profile of the best candidate, considering that the coalition is not an end in itself.

After announcing his candidacy for the presidential election of October 7th, Jean Jacques Ekindi did not appear any more. But the coordinator of the Progressive Movement (PM) remains in the political field and wants to make his voice heard. Anticipated to form an opposition coalition, the “lion hunter” preferred to send each candidate back to his camp. “We need to have a clear view of the programs and who wears them, rather than dwelling on the age of the captain or the inexperience of the newcomer. That the candidates convince us, “he told the press and the many activists of different political parties on August 13, 2018 in Douala. By this posture, the coordinator of the MP asks each candidate to play fair.
The Age Of Paul Biya Is Not A Problem According To Blind Naive, Jean Jacques Ekindi
He wishes that those who request our votes bring clear answers in particular to the current situation of Cameroon, the balance sheet of each candidate who had to exercise popular sovereignty, among others. The eight opposition candidates, he believes, must clearly propose solutions to end the Anglophone crisis, the continued abuses of Boko Haram, “widespread corruption”, the prevailing unemployment and the form of the State which he advocates. Because “Cameroonians today take up arms against their brothers and it does not happen a day without a citizen being killed. It’s too much and they have to offer us solutions. ”

On the reasons for his withdrawal, the leader of the MP believes that must pass the baton to a new generation. Aged 73, Jean Jacques Ekindi, who says he started politics at age 20, has run for the presidency three times and feels it is not an end in itself. For having paid his political commitment in prison, Mr. Ekindi thinks he has had a very traditional approach to problems, unlike the young people of today who have enormous opportunities.

On the subject of the opposition coalition, Mr. Ekindi believes that it is not an end in itself, yet it would be necessary to know with whom to coordinate? Asked the latter who believes that before any coalition or single candidate, each candidate must explain his project and the purpose for which he ran for election because we do not elect a dictator, but a program carried by a man and his team.

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