Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Prophecy From Simbarashe Makonese On Zimbabwe Elections

CHRONICLES OF PROPHECY NATIONAL PROPHECY: On 16 March 2018 at 20:58 p.m., I posted this prophetic message on CHRIST ONLINE under the topic 2018 ELECTIONS RESULTS NEW PROPHECY and part of it read: 

The job of the Prophet of God is to deliver the message from God, not to speak about his opinion on anything. Note that it partially reverses some of the first prophecies I have been giving ... The Lord Jesus says, "I have heard your prayers and there will be no more violence ... He warns the prophets who lie to endear themselves to politicians to repent because instead of honour their portion shall be a harvest of shame for lying in the name of the Lord! 

The elections will be close and young people will begin to rise. I see the man who many preachers dislike winning the presidential elections. He alone can lead the nation, army and silence the disgruntled and violent in peace. 
Prophecy From Simbarashe Makonese On Zimbabwe Elections
The Lord says, "Many prophets failing to understand the grace of God are lying in vanity saying that he will not win because he has blood on his hands. The Old Testament nation of Israel was led out Egypt by Moses who had murdered an Egyptian before, and the Gentile church in the New Testament was led by Paul the apostle who used to be Saul the murderer and persecutor of the same church. 

Why are you holding on to the past of a person who no longer exists against a new man recreated in Christ Jesus for such a time as this? He will bring order, prosperity and dignity back to Zimbabwe; but his rule will not be for long; and afterwards a new government will usher in an era of even greater prosperity. 

Do not be deceived by political campaigns disguised as prophecies brethren, they may disguise the prophecy but they can not disguise the results. 

Congratulations in advance to the current President ahead of elections in Jesus' name!

I bring to you the same message I gave earlier not as a supporter of the sitting president and political party which I have been accused of many times because of this message, but I speak that which the Lord has sent me to say. That's why I am speaking with boldness. Many prophets are speaking their own mind because they are ruled by their emotions and not subject to the Spirit of God within them on this matter. A few days from now Zimbabwe is going for elections on July 30, and afterwards I see a situation of a protested vote. Some will be injured but things will normalize and the economy will begin to rise with greater ease of doing business, especially in the area of cash and banking. 

The promised restoration is COMING!

Written By Simbarashe Makonese

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