Sunday, 26 August 2018

National Chamisa Had A Weak Case - ZEC Lawyer

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) lawyer Advocate Tawanda Kanengoni has said the MDC Alliance lost the court case because of weak evidence.

Commenting on the Constitutional Court Ruling on the MDC Alliance Election Challenge on social media, Kanengoni said:
National Chamisa Had A Weak Case - ZEC Lawyer
Terrence Mawawa“Even my learned co-representing the other party are not shocked by the judgement.They had a weak case.We are not politicians, we are law upholders,the law is the law despite the popular feeling.
We cannot taint the record of law for fear of being infamous I’m talking about facts not popular feeling or emotional blackmail. If people you want to bank your life on are not diligent enough, I believe, interpreting the law is simpler than running a country. Soberly, one must question their

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