Monday, 30 July 2018

Zimbabwe Elections: What You Should Know!

Millions of Zimbabweans will head to the polls on Monday in the first election since 1980 without former president Robert Mugabeon the ballot.

Polls are set to open at 7am (05:00 GMT) and close at 7pm (17:00 GMT).

There are 23 candidates vying for the presidency, while 55 parties are running in parliamentary elections.

Campaigning has been relatively peaceful but security concerns were raised after an explosion struck an election rally by the ruling ZANU-PF party in the second city of Bulawayo, killing at least two people and wounding dozens.
Zimbabwe Elections: What You Should Know!
Unlike previous votes, election observers from the European Union and the Commonwealth group have been allowed into Zimbabwe this time.

Here is what you need to know about the hotly contested polls:

Mugabe not on ballot

Monday's landmark poll marks the first time since white minority rule ended in Zimbabwe in 1980 that people will not have the option to vote for their former long-time ruler.

Last November, 94-year-old Mugabe was pushed out of office by the country's military, which was unhappy with the dismissal of then-vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and moves to have the veteran leader's wife, Grace Mugabe, succeed him.
Mnangagwa, whose nickname is "the crocodile", replaced Mugabe and is now ZANU-PF's presidential candidate in the election.

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