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Valsero To Samuel Eto'o: "Don't Put Yourself At Risk By Going To The Anglophone Regions of Cameroon

It is days since Soccer Icon Samuel Eto’o confirms he will be visiting the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon with the aim of bringing peace and encourage students (who have dropped out of school as a result of the current situation) to resume school. 

This has created a lot of discussions as Cameroonians doubt the success of this mission given the security challenges in this part of the country since November 2016. Eto’o hopes to express solidarity with students in some localities, who have deserted the classrooms because of abuses by secessionist armed groups.
Valsero To Samuel Eto'o: "Don't Put Yourself At Risk By Going To The Anglophone Regions of Cameroon
The most recent reactions to this campaign come from Douala Based Hip Hop Veteran Valsero. Via his personal Facebook Page, the “Lettre Au President” crooner artist asks Eto’o not to go there.
For Valséro, it’s a bad risk for Samuel Eto’o to take. The legendary Cameroonian rapper who calls himself General Valséro believes this initiative will not bear fruit because the problem is more complex and more serious than he thinks. There is no point in putting his life (Samuel Eto’o) in danger and even being insulted by going to these dangerous areas.

Below is Valsero’s message to Samuel Eto’o:

Hello family.

This message is for SEF (Samuel Eto’o Fils} and also for the Cameroonian people.

We have to protect this man, He’s our brother, our pride, we have to stop all that not having to make a sacrifice.

I do not know what to say to you brother, you are an adult and you have people around you will find an approach. If you think you can do something, please do it …. in fact we should all try to do something at each level.

Do not overestimate yourself, brother this is not a football game, I know that by calling you papa eto’o, Ngambe, pitchichi, president, today I see young people who call you daddy , they ended up forgetting that your name is Samuel Eto’o Son a man like the others, not GOD miracle worker, yes brother on a football stadium you’re good god and the whole world sees you doing miracles all the weekend …. but there brother …. penetration in the ball axis is not possible. Will have to play collective, involve all players in the game. Attack and defend together.

Did I think you can do something for the team to win? YES at 100%.

Can you win this game alone, play alone for the whole team, on the attack and Défense? Excuse me brother I have doubts.

In fact you can just hurt yourself, take soles, and a ton of insults from supporters, your teammates and your staff. Again it’s different brother is not a football match. Here you will not get away with a few sores and a week in the infirmary. It will be a more serious trust me.

You are one of the things we have in common, you are our Samuel son, I think you can be the voice that speaks to us, to each of us. Do not be the judge or the executioner because here brother, WE ARE ALL GUILTY. I do not know if you were prepared for this, and without wanting to doubt your abilities, I believe deep down that it’s worry, I feel your new mission is very dangerous, and I feel you are in danger …. you know why? Because like many Cameroonians I have a lot of love for you.

Today you can not turn away brother, you must not turn away, no one should turn away from this mission. So, you have to go.

You played well in Russia so the tense and complicated climates you know.
The load is too heavy for your shoulders alone.

Beware of mistakes, I write as I speak.

Spread the message. # welovecameroon

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