Thursday, 24 May 2018

After “Intimidation,” US Ambassador to Report Mr Biya to President Trump

After intimidations, bullying and threats on the US Ambassador to Cameroon by Cameroon’s tyrannic and dictatorial government, Peter Barlerin reportedly left same day to America.

Ambassador Peter Barlerin is due to report in greater detail, to the US State Department and to President Trump, (with pictures and Videos) how Mr Biya and his soldiers are killing unarmed civilians and burning down villages in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

He is also expected to report allegations of threats by the Biya regime to ‘bomb’ some lakes in Southern Cameroons and their suspected evil plans to hurt and extinct the people in the guise of fighting against Monkey Pox.

The US diplomat will certainly tell the US State Department that the US must intervene and stop Mr Biya from completing his the Genocide on Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia .
After “Intimidation,” US Ambassador to Report Mr Biya to President Trump
After all the Ambassador told the media the truth after his audience with Mr Biya - That Yaounde is detaining thousands of innocent citizens without access to lawyers and their families and that the regime is killing Southern Cameroonians ruthlessly. How people who were living in peace in their homes are now living in forests while others have escaped to neigbouring countries. How the Biya regime is governed with lies telling.

What is also certain is the US diplomat will inform Trump that the reaction of Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians is just to defend themselves against Yaoundé's brutality and that they never started hurting even a fly until war was declared on them.

From there, we expect that President Trump will eventually not spare, to tell Mr Biya how he is more than a shithole President. And if possibly ask him not to come and beg for planes from America any more if he intends to use them to kill level headed and peace-loving people who have made all efforts for a peaceful coexistence with LRC.
The advice to President Trump is not to even allow Ambassador Peter Barlerin to return to Cameroon because with the intimidations on him, he needs to be safe. If Yaounde could allegedly kill Bishops, burn elderly people and entire villages, one can never underestimate what the regime can do.

We cannot rule out the fact that the US through its diplomat who has witnessed the massacre on Southern Cameroonians would push for the UN peace keepers to be deployed and stop the regime from chasing peace loving people from their land. The hope is that it is time more pressure is mounted on President Biya and his rogue regime to release all Southern Cameroonians abducted and call for negotiations before Southern Cameroonians take the war to the East of the Mungo River.

We do also expect President Donald Trump after viewing all the atrocities committed by the Yaounde regime, to take on Mr Biya on Twitter in the days ahead! Solomon Amabo

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