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Revelations - This Is How Former Minister Atangana Kouna Was Caught In Nigeria.

This is the full story of the former Minister of Water and Energy from Yaoundé to Bauchi, the Nigerian city where the "Don Basilio" runaway took end.

Below,is the full story which reveals the role played in the flight of Basile Atangana Kouna by the Abbe Dieudonné Nkodo whose arrest last weekend has hit the headlines.

In the interesting revelations of our colleague, we learn that the former member of the Cameroonian government fell out of favor on Friday, March 02, 2018, left the country a week after his exit from the government. He is picked in Nigeria two days after his arrival. But it was only two weeks after his arrest that the fugitive minister, suspected of embezzling public funds, was handed over to the Cameroonian authorities by Nigerian security forces.
Revelations - This Is How Former Minister Atangana Kouna Was Caught In Nigeria.
On Friday, March 9, when he was summoned to the Tcs for the Friday of the following week, Basile Atangana Kouna aka Don Basilio (already struck by a ban on leaving the territory two days before) decides to flee. He is accompanied by 04 people: his little brother Priest on duty in Yaounde, his driver, a chief warrant officer of the air force named Sakpam working at the Semil and his butler. The Chief Warrant Officer first takes care of recovering army license plates that he places on the ex-minister's all-terrain vehicle that will be used for exfiltration.

Armed with this military registration, the group headed to the north of the country, the Chief Warrant Officer, placed at the front, serving as a pledge for the crossing of roadblocks. They arrive at Guider, in the department of Mayo Louti, northern region, take the direction of the department of Mayo Oulo and cross the border with Nigeria.

His mission accomplished, part of the group, in this case the military and the priest, returns to Yaoundé. The fugitive minister continues his adventure with his driver and his butler. They go to the city of Bauchi, capital of the state of the same name. The first hotel unearthed does not please Don Basilio. Accustomed to luxury and ministerial splendor, he does not feel comfortable. He therefore asks for the best establishment of the place. That's good, there is plenty in the city. Except that the one in which he is driven is run by the Nigerian army. Unfortunately for him, he does not know it.

At the reception of the hotel in question, it declines as identity the surname: "Amougou". The receptionist (military) asks for a piece of identification as is customary to confirm his claims. Disconcerted, the former minister then gives him a diplomatic passport in the name of ... Atangana Kouna. Surprised, the receptionist asks for explanations, he struggles to provide. In the end, the suspicious attitude of the newcomers will be worth to be questioned by the police who want to see more clearly. We are then March 11.
As the days go by, investigations are conducted. The Cameroonian Embassy in Nigeria is advised that a suspect group headed by a certain Atangana Kouna aka Amougou is in the hands of the police. The embassy officials confirm to the Nigerian security services that the person named ATANGANA Kouna is indeed wanted by Cameroonian justice. The group was taken to Abuja on March 20 and handed over to the Cameroonian security forces the next day. The repatriation will be on March 22nd.

On the spot, the exploitation of the fugitives will allow the elements of the Semil to apprehend their colleague Chief Warrant Officer Sakpam who had just returned quietly take his post in the service of the mail. It is the latter who will lead his colleagues in the Semil in the footsteps of the priest.

Source - Revelations-This Is How Former Minister Atangana Kouna Was Caught In Nigeria.

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