Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Men Will Always Come and Go - Zari Hassan says She Has To Fend For Her Five Children

South Africa-based socialite-cum-businesswoman Zari Hassan hosted her annual Zari All-White Party on November 21 at Club Guvnor. Her bitter rival, Hamisa Mobetto also hosted her Girl Power event on the same day.

During an interview with Tanzania’s Ayo TV, Zari revealed that she wasn’t worried about Hamisa.

“It’s a free world, everybody can do what they want to do. If you want to do a party, your crowd might not be my crowd. I don’t have any problem because I have had my clients for seven years.”
Men Will Always Come and Go - Zari Hassan says She Has To Fend For Her Five Children
When asked if she has beef with Hamisa she said, “I don’t think there is an argument between me and her, what argument? I have never confronted her. What happened is between her and Diamond which I don’t care about. I live my life, I have my kids and work, and I have so much going on. When such things happen, I step back and put such things aside. I am focusing on my life and work. Since my ex-husband Ivan died, I am involved in a lot of things. I don’t have time to think about her because it is a waste of time.”

She also opened up about the cheating, stating that she is now focused on her work and kids.

“I have five kids, I have so much to do because one day, I am going to die. It’s all about how do I make my investments and my kids’ life better so that they can attend private schools. My eldest son is in New York for Christmas holidays. I need to be able to afford such things because men will always come and go. Let no one tell you otherwise. There is no guarantee, when you have your kid, that’s one thing you should put your energy into. Because even if you try so hard to work on a relationship, and be faithful and you probably got everything a man is looking for lakini atakula nyama, akitoka atatafuta mifupa, it’s just men.”

Zari added that if she ever meets Hamisa at an event, she will not greet her because they are not friends.

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