Saturday, 27 January 2018

Updated News On Abducted Ambazonian Leaders - Frances 24 spreads Fake News

Over the last 24 hours, there have been reactions and sharing of videos and information by various Cameroonian bloggers of the extradition of Ambazonian leaders who were abducted in Nigeria back to Yaounde Cameroon.

The widespread of the information on social media came after French TV channel specializing on reporting African affairs, France24 reported of the extradition.
Updated News On Abducted Ambazonian Leaders - Frances 24 spreads Fake News

In the France24 report, no images of the captured leaders were broadcast.It is alleged that a Francophone lawyer as reported by Mark Bareta, an Ambazonian activist.

Below is a statement he issued on his wall:

At this stage this is what we know. Like I posited yesterday, the fact that it is an internal, national and international conspiracy, so many forces are in play, one of which is the France 24 few seconds video. It takes nothing for us to discard that video as a Shithole video but we must be vigilant and open our eyes as it may be a lead to what they have at mind to test our resolve and reactions. This is why I am pushing the notion that we are all Thomases until we see we will not belief. At this hour words are not enough.

Early this morning, I reached out to a source within France 24 (Journalist) who disclosed to me that France 24 broadcasted the short clip after a Camerounese lawyer sent words to them that our leaders were in Yaounde. The source within France 24 disclosed that France 24 never verified the information and immediately broadcasted the few seconds clip thinking to come back to it later. I am keeping the name of that Camerounese lawyer who is based in Yaounde confidential for the time being. France 24 therefore ran a story from a Shithole colonial lawyer without verification.

However, the four scenarios I wrote last week are still very much alive until it is clear to us where our leaders are. Being hopeful is what we can do now.

Let self defense actions continue.

Mark Bareta

Contrary to the France24 report, Isa Chorima, who is Cameroon's Minister of Information instead wished that those arrested be transferred to Yaoundé.

Julius Ayuk Tabe, the Nigeria-based chairman of the Governing Council of AmbazoniaGoverning Council, was abducted with 10 others at a hotel in Abuja on Friday, January 5th 2018 .

for over three weeks ever since they were abducted, the Nigerian Government hasn’t made any official statement on their whereabouts and the reason(s) for the abduction,”.

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