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Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza #2018Prophecies Word By Word.

1. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I saw two major doors that are going to open for Zimbabwe and you will see them bringing an economic transformation. One is in Asia and another one in Europe. I know our government has gone to Asia and Europe for doors to open but, God showed me that these two doors will open without a doubt and they will bring something that will make the Zimbabwean people to smile. We need to clap our hands for what God is about to bring in our nation.

2. International Prophecy: I see a shaking that is going to happen on the American continent especially concerning politics. So God was saying, "pray for them" and I saw a prominent war with North Korea as you have been hearing and it destabilized their financial situation(America) somewhere somehow by sending soldiers there hence we need to pray for them. I see a spirit that has entered the North Korean leader which wants to start a war that is very dangerous. We need to pray as this will affect the cosmology of the world as I saw huge bombings happening which were so dangerous to the environment as they provoked a fight. The Korean Leader is serious in the spirit. We need to really pray so that grace and peace may come as I told you, some of these things God shows us so that we pray, so that we protect precious lives that the devil wants lost/destroyed.

3. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Let us begin praying in the spirit because I saw two major lions when I was praying in Asia that were existent in Zimbabwe and they both released two lizards from their mouths. These were very dangerous of which one lion released a lizard in March and the other lion released its own in June. However, what started happening was contained by the Lord and the Lord said “I am protecting Zimbabwe, they must fear not or worry. I have put a hedge of protection.” I then asked the Lord, “Lord what are these two Lions and these two lizards?” Then the Holy Spirit gave me a scripture Isaiah 57vs19 and in that vision one lizard released ‘an act’ and the other one released ‘a statement.’ This shocked me on how a lizard can release a statement and a very provocative and disturbing one. So the Holy Spirit said "pray and let the wise interpret this prophecy." Due to the sensitivity of our current national environment some of the prophecies were given to me in riddles. I will correctly interpret for you when the time comes what God is really saying. God spoke to me a lot of 2018 prophecies about our country but some are too sensitive for public consumption. Hence, I will only give them wisely to my secret intercessory prayer team and my spiritual father. By Prophetic wisdom and teachings from my father Dr Archbishop Asa Gurupira. I will only release tonight the ones God has allowed for your chewing and consumption.

4. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Intercessors, let's pray. I saw in the spirit a man, on his forehead it was written a certain statement and was wearing a black greyish jacket and he was looking angry on his face. I looked closely and on his forehead was a writing "17 July 2018." Also in his right hand it was written 15 meters long and 15 days. In the left hand it was written "Period from 17-21 July 2018 crucial to Zimbabwe, pray” and God said, "let them pray for their country for these days will also be in their country's calendar." I was worried in that vision and I asked the angel that was showing me all this "So what does 17 July mean for Zimbabwe in the spirit, is it a day, prophetic event or prophetic number?" Then God asked me what is number 10 + 7 in the spirit? Calculate if you are wise and you shall see what it means in the spirit and I then got the answer. It's for the wise to interpret.
Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza #2018Prophecies Word By Word.
5. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I continue to see in the spirit Zimbabweans celebrating. I see a celebration of Zimbabweans in the street at events and an announcement that made people happy in this country and it will bring a lot of Hope to Zimbabwe. Celebrate before the celebration for you will see it.

6. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see a President of an overseas nation coming to Zimbabwe with a big delegation and it came to my eyes in the spirit about three times giving fish to our government. To my surprise this president started giving fish and the Lord said to me, “That is money” and these fish were too many. The Lord said to me, “Look at these boats, they are being filled up with fish like in Luke Chapter 5. It’s a net breaking and boat sinking catch for the nation of Zimbabwe and you shall need many partners to pull all these fish from the boats but this you are seeing will not also really change some things in Zimbabwe that much but very little." In the vision I saw some fish being swallowed by some people not equally distributed and I also saw fish that started moving out of the boat on their own and through a spiritual rain, that rain that came made the fish to start swimming in rivers in Zimbabwe. God then explained to me that this was liquidity coming to Zimbabwe sometime ahead soon hence let the wise interpret. “You shall see this coming to pass”.

7. Zimbabwe Prophecy: “I see the economy of Zimbabwe, starting to show signs of real change because what we have been seeing was not real change but as we approach the end of the year 2018, I see the changes are going to come in a way as a cloud as small as a man’s hand. It’s like a cloud that is small as a man’s hand as it will come line upon line, precept upon precept as I saw the years going by and yonder, it shall be like an abundant rain pouring and I hear a sound of heavy rain pouring every time I pray about this and in near yonder years from this time it was like Zimbabwe started having a 360 degrees turnaround moment and it started making many Zimbabweans ease from pressure.

8. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see, a time very soon. When many Zimbabweans in the diaspora are going to come back as they will see no reason for them to continue staying in the diaspora or other peoples’ countries for Zimbabwe shall be visited by BREAD according to Ruth 1vs6, Naomis’ that had left the country will make plans to come back. “Why do I see so many people in spirit crossing the border of Beitbridge and planes dropping a lot of people coming back to their nation on different airports of our nation?” I hear voices of people in the spirit saying "Let’s go back to our country, it has been visited by Bread." I see a lot of Zimbabweans eating Bread including whites also coming to eat the same Bread and it will be a lot of Bread, then the Holy Spirit said, “What is Bread my son in the spirit?." I answered "It’s a prophetic terminology and metaphor for provision and prosperity." Why do I also see whites coming back to Zimbabwe in such numbers in spirit???

9. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see a serious wave of many pastors involved in politics like never before in 2018, (I spoke it even last year again if you check on your 2017 prophecies also it’s there) campaigning with local politicians and I asked God if it was of God and God said "yes it is of God." Then I saw two types of churches. One on the mountain praying and one in the valley walking and the Lord said “Leave it like that it is for me and it is My business. It is me doing it." You shall also see some criticisms of why pastors are like that but God said just pray for there are some churches that I am going to make to be on the mountain to pray and some will be in the valley practically so that they bring the change that I want in the nation. Though it will look like a negative thing, it has God inside, so let’s pray for it to move in that direction in Jesus' mighty name.

10. Zimbabwe Prophecy: The Holy Spirit spoke to me again, to encourage all Zimbabweans hearing me today. All of you thousands in this place to do the following, before the return home of the Zimbabweans in the diaspora, for it is very near. Their return will affect some of you hearing me today because they are going to put pressure in this nation on certain areas. You need to position yourself now in 5 areas whether you pray against it, or criticise you will see it happening as long as you will be alive to see. Write the following 5 prophetic instructions down:
a.) Upgrade your educational level
b.) Regularise your business by acquiring proper formal papers because I see the Black market and informal ways of doing business will disappear as Zimbabwe moves in to the near future because some Zimbabweans are just doing business in a harphazard way thinking that it is going to be like forever. (The new coming system will disqualify you on its own if your things are not in order. (Where we are going as Zimbabwe, if you are operating even a shop or anything without a proper license, please please I beg you get proper papers for whatever type of business you are doing in 2018.) This hook and crook type of business I see you Zimbabweans do now, please remove yourself from it now. If you have taxis get proper papers and move away from these (mushikashika type of -informal taxis on Zimbabwean roads.) Such type of business will soon disappear into thin air and prices for registering taxis will be very expensive and it will be difficult to get proper papers to operate”.
c.) Acquire a house or housing stands or a piece of land as much as you can this year and next year, for accommodation will be very expensive as people will be flocking back into the nation. Prices shall shoot up. I sense this spirit is already there in many people's hearts as I was moving across the globe. Where people are now tired of living as foreigners in some nations.
d.) Enter mining, agriculture and tourism or any other business faster and establish yourself there.
e.) Begin to gear up your body to work hard. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that there are many Zimbabweans who were making money sleeping. Please listen and never say that you were not warned.

This type of a life is going away. This laziness I am seeing today in you Zimbabweans, in civil servants and some people in Zimbabwe where money just comes to people doing nothing shall be a past thing. I see a salary shall be something you will get after sweating and working very hard. The new economic system will not allow laziness. The informal sector is ending as we proceed (2018-2019). Education will start to matter and the people coming from the diaspora have been educating themselves in a serious way (right now people can be employed with two or one O' levels but that will end. Some people who were in offices wearing ties you will start to see them selling tomatoes and those who were selling tomatoes and upgrading themselves will be the ones entering those offices. This was like a swap that I saw. Do a course, degree something if you are given the brains to do so but if not, please make sure you regularise your business formally now).

11. I see the going of many Zimbabweans into the diaspora was of God because many people shall come back very educated and full of technical and practical knowledge/exposure that is very high that shall benefit the nation of Zimbabwe and develop us to be a greater and competitive country in the world.

12. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Zimbabwe will be ranked as one of the most educated nations in the world. I saw us in the top five categories and this being an economic booster that shall promote Zimbabwe in the future by bringing a lot of investors as they will be coming to a country with very educated and civilized people that think and use their brains when doing things. God shook Zimbabwe and allowed people to leave the country so that they acquire the expertise. Medical Doctors, if you don’t upgrade yourself, you will lose business as some people who are coming will be coming for example maybe from New York hospitals with great experience & skill because also they are exposed to very high levels of medical environments with latest machinery and others have even acquired latest medical machinery and equipment to bring back home . So I want you to upgrade yourself, your mindsets and level of thinking because these people are going to come and Zimbabwe will be taken to the dream level of the Holy Spirit. Surely I am seeing some sort of pressure happening and some will be frustrated again and stressed due to this pressure.

13. Zimbabwe Prophecy:
I see a lot of investors coming into Zimbabwe, real ones, who shall conclude with real deals with Zimbabwean companies. This is the reason I am saying regularise your papers because some of you shall be approached. Some entered into business by chance because the economy was disturbed. You took a chance because the economy was upside down. (Make sure that you upgrade yourself and take classes to learn and understand investors that are coming. Read books and dig deep on shares and dividends information so that you know how they really work). Things you were ignoring in newspapers, may you start to read them and upgrade yourself in a serious way so that you are not a dull Business person or Managing Director. Lack of education does not mean lack of mind or brains. Use your brains and be very sharp so that you think better than them, so that you are able to employ even those with degrees when you don't because it will be really formal.

14. International Prophecy: Pray for Indonesia and Philippines in 2018. God showed me serious plans of earthquakes in these nations that wants to come and hit some of their islands in a very destructive manner that will take a long time for them to recover from all the damages they would have caused. This happened when God showed me in a prayer session during my stay in one of the hotels there. I was accommodated on the 14th floor so when I was in prayer, then I was shown in that vision, I felt the tremor and when I woke up from that vision I looked outside my room through the window since it was so real that I thought it was already happening then the Lord said to me, “This is what is coming to them, I want you to pray for them.” Let us just pray for them and I do not know why I see some of the visions whether my eyes are open or closed. I just begin to see visions from all directions. We need to pray when God says pray, because even some of the things I spoke about New Zealand have come to pass, the spray bullet prophecy I gave of a man who just started spraying bullets from a building in Nevada USA on a crowd in a concert also came to pass exactly as I said, but we thank God because of the prayer we did, look a lot of lives were preserved and people there don't even know that they were preserved because some people prayed for them in advance from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe here. This is the good purpose and thing Zimbabweans don't know about the Prophetic Ministry read Amos 3v7 and Hosea 12v13 in your BIBLE. You do not joke with prophecy because it can penetrate even in America or any country and protect those people. Henceforth let’s take prophecies very seriously and not despise them read 1st Thessalonians 5v20. When you see these things you think that we want to show off or doing some funny things, “NO”. We are showing you the will of God and results of your prayers.

After we have shown you these prophecies we want to pray. Pray pray pray.

15. International Prophecy: I see a big disaster attack in the spirit that shall shake the United Kingdom (UK) in 2018. You shall see it on frontline news and it will affect in a serious way, one major state of theirs in a very touching manner. I see many tears of people and people laying flowers and wreths of honour. Let’s pray and mourn for the UK now to prevent this I see. Let's mourn in prayer for them so that the grace of God may be upon them. God hears prayers and answers. Read Amos 3v7. God does nothing without revealing it to His servants the Prophets.

16. International Prophecy: The time when we entered Qatar. I had never been there and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that pray for her (Qatar) because there is going to be a rise of serious terrorism attacks from that region. Which will affect America and European nations at alarming levels (Please take note of the key words used in Prophetic messages, the key word is ALARMING LEVELS). If you have ever seen terror attacks or suicide bombings before, what you are going to see and read in 2018, you have never seen or experienced it before. When travelling to other nations, you need to seriously pray because I see bombs at different places- in airports, churches and market places etc. people exploding themselves and even spray bullet shootings by people just wanting to kill other people. So let’s pray for these continents seriously to avoid loss of precious souls and lives. Terrorism will be like a wave or chain as I saw it hit to mention but a few e.g. France, Belgium, UK, America, some Asian countries and there will be some confusion on how to handle these terror attacks. There will be some African countries too that shall be worried and about three nations two in the West and one in the East. There will be confusion on how to handle these terror attacks and there will be debates on these issues on CNN, BBC and other channels on the frontline of news on these "Alarming rates of terror” because it will be serious for it will shake these Presidents in a serious way. So let us pray for them in advance.

Some of the prophecies that God gave me are very sensitive so I will not release them as they are not for public consumption for our nation as we are still stabilizing and will only give you what you can chew but the ones you cannot chew will be for some special intercessors so that we pray for our nation.

17. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see the elections of 2018 in Zimbabwe being done in some new ways and improvements although I see serious jostling and shoving for winning and prominence as I see many many contenders, many political parties and some without names, hoping for a ticket to power. The winner will win with a not much big a margin.

18. Zimbabwe Prophecy: This 2018 elections season, God is saying to, (On this one allow me to mention the name). If Cde Mnangagwa is seriously wanting to win this election, he must take list. The Lord is saying, he must continue visiting churches for prayer so that the grace of God and favour may come upon him in a mighty way. God said, I have put my win for anyone who wants to win in church people because they are the ones I have given the ballot in the spirit. So visit churches and pray with them, power shall be established and God can give you a strengthened throne, says the Lord. That is the condition, it is an "IF." If it is to be followed like that. Always check if a PROPHECY is conditional one or an Open one.

19. Zimbabwe Prophecy: In the spirit I saw a peaceful handling of elections in 2018 but they shall be hotly contested (Please take note of the word, (Hotly Contested)). There will be serious contests, hot one but peaceful. Even the way people will be campaigning, it will be serious. There will be few political disturbances and small fights here and there from some few unruly people but generally, the elections will be peaceful. It shall be declared the most free and fair elections ever in Zimbabwe’s history by other monitoring international boards and many shall witness the peace which will prevail. It will be of God and not of man. When I speak please listen carefully to my statements that I will be using because they are very very important. Even when I said it will be declared by some of the monitoring boards as one of the most free and fair elections, it will be exactly what you will see happening.

20. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see Zimbabwe, after elections, is going to be recognised in a serious way by the international boards like the UN, AU, Commonwealth, African Union and some other powerful world economic trade Unions or organisations such as the IMF and WB. Which are necessary for a country to be sound and liquid but it will happen after the elections.

21. Zimbabwe Prophecy: In the spirit, I heard three times, “Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe”. Give Psalms 126 and put in on the flag of Zimbabwe. I saw then a man in the spirit coming with some letters, and putting them on the flag of Zimbabwe. When I read it was written "Psalms 126" and the flag of Zimbabwe was Flying High. It was like we were entering 2019. The man was wearing a white apparel and I asked God, “what it this?” and God said it is honour, honour I am going to give to Zimbabwe. All nations that used to despise Zimbabweans shall start to honour them. It is me the Lord your God, causing it to happen and God said, “By end of 2019 and 2020 and end of 2018 there shall be no disgrace to Zimbabwe. I know many nations were despising you Zimbabweans but I see for the first time in spirit even these neighbouring nations and other overseas nations honouring ZIMBABWE and Zimbabweans in a serious way. We were not treated like people but like animals sometimes but God is saying I am ending this spirit after the flag raising period mentioned and there will be Honour and Favour. When they see Zimbabweans’ they will respect you. I am also seeing to the surprise of many Zimbabweans, you will start to see many Batswanas and South Africans coming to look for jobs here. Isn’t you were going to their countries all the time? Please hear me very well, if you are in Zimbabwe right now, do not go out unless you are going to varsity for educational enhancement. But going to UK or S.A you will be wasting time as you will be running away from milk and honey. I see some Zimbabweans now who want to go to Canada, UK, SA it’s a late move. If you are in this All night & employed in South Africa is ok but I am talking about those that are here in Zimbabwe, Don't go out just take your position and make it firm and dig in your heels in here so that nothing moves you. Please don't go to South Africa now, just establish yourself and stop wasting time shacking up in small dirty rooms in SA where our important precious Zimbabwean people are dwelling 20 people packed in one small room, no no that time & life is getting over now. A time is coming when South Africans are going to see Zimbabweans shopping even perfumes or clothes for R20000 from simple Zimbabwean men in 2 minutes hence I say you do not need then to go there. Pray for God to open a door for you here for you shall regret that move. Going out now is a move which is late. Those who went there went not you who is still here. Even if you do not have a job do not worry, we are releasing the blessings in your lives now. Jobs will come in a serious way. So once you get a job, improve yourself in that Job and establish yourself strong.

22. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see the cash crises easing as we go along towards the mid end - to the end of 2018 period. In the spirit I saw like a whip that was given to a man’s hand and inflicted some pain on some people and to my surprise three to five big birds were released and they vomited money. I saw the country becoming sound and liquid. (I will explain what I saw about the whip and the three to five birds that vomited money and the whip that God created as time comes).

23. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I saw accidents of cars killing people through overturning. In 2017 I told you that there will be head on collisions and there are prophecy confirmations of that all over in our Newspapers and you saw as I said that it was going to be mostly buses, trucks, and kombis that will be having head on collisions or side sweeping causing many people to die and we saw that happening but in 2018 it will overturning. So let us pray. So, I said Lord why do I see so many cars overturning, small cars, buses, Lorries with wheels up on front pages of our newspapers and inside as if it was a fashion. What does this mean? God told me that it’s very spiritual just pray. He told me what it meant. It was like a common thing that someone is going to be seeing when you go along the Highways of Zimbabwe. Some will overturn once, twice, thrice or four times, and it will involving all manner of cars. What I saw was very disturbing. I do not want you or your relative to lose their car or life in such a manner. So let us start to pray now.

24. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Repetition of 2017 prophecy, tell people that are hearing you, your children, and Zimbabweans that embrace and honour prophecies not to acquire business loans from banks until it is safe in the spirit. For now let them use Biblical principles of growing their money like sowing and reaping, tithing, offerings and appreciations to grow their financial world to greatness. There is going to be a very tempting rate of offers to acquiring loans. Why is God releasing this? It is because it will be very easy to get a Bank Loan but it will be very very difficult to pay it back and some will even lose houses, cars and many things. So please, I beg you by the mercies of God to put your faith in God. Do not take that loan even if they offer you $50 000 on a silver platter. I see some who are going to commit suicide because of losing inheritance and properties that they had acquired for a long time. Precious things some which they inherited from their parents so please, do not take a business loan from a bank now if you believe. If you then do it, and you come for prayer and deliverance, after you have heard the Prophecy, God will allow you to go through a patchy life because you are a disobedient person. So somethings that God says don’t, “just don’t”. You would rather stay with that $1 in your pocket and pray until it is multiplied by God. Do not get a business loan. I am praying for a lot of people who are under the grip and slavery of bank loans that they are failing to pay. I wish I had passed on this PROPHECY to all believers some from other churches who went on in 2017 to take Bank loans and I am praying for them almost every week. You stand in front of magistrates many times failing to pay that loan and your property will be auctioned. Many bank managers were criticizing this 2017 prophecy but now some are calling me and confirming that people are struggling to pay Bank loans. They say "you were correct man of God." “Us we are just bank managers and we offer people these loans and its Business, it's our job but we know the truth that they are very tying at the moment”. Why am I emphasizing on this? It is because I see a temptation even of pastors to build their church on Bank loans. People will come and offer you these loans easily. Please do not take them. We must clap our hands and thank God for telling us such things in advance. When we are telling you it sounds simple but when you enter under that grip, you shall see truth and your bed will develop thorns. Ask those that are under that grip, they will tell you what I am saying. It is not an easy road to travel. Use biblical principles and your money shall grow. Move from $5 to $10, from $10-$20, from $20-$1000 Biblically. Never criticize Biblical principles and curse sent men of God like the habit many Zimbabweans have just developed because it attracts poverty and unwanted unnecessary spiritual attacks in your life. I don't know where Zimbabweans got this bad habit of just cursing and being disrespectful towards men of God. They just curse. I have travelled all over the world and saw that it’s only us Zimbabweans with such an ignorant bad cursing attitude. We are praying with hope it will stop. But you the wise in Christ follow instructions and don’t take a loan. Accept investors only but not bank loans. Be wise and respect God’s servants and you shall live long on earth.

25. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Zimbabwe is going to be a land of milk and honey, though I see notable changes towards the end of 2018 and I see here and there notable improvements in our economic flow between now and the then turn around period of our country.

26. Zimbabwe Prophecy: About the Zimbabwe elections, God shall make it very clear to everyone who is the person that shall win the elections. It will be very predictable when the time comes. Though God showed me the person who is going to win, I am not at liberty to mention the name. God said it’s not for public consummation but during the time of elections, it will be very clear though it will be in a very highly sensitive environment because everyone will be trying to jostle for power but, God is in control and everything you shall see happening during and after the elections has a serious touch of the hand of God from heaven for Zimbabwe to reach where it is supposed to reach. Please note the key words are that "the will of God will prevail and God is in control." If he is in control, worry not and fear not.

27. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see many souls coming to Jesus in Zimbabwe in 2018 and many churches shall experience revival, growth and expansion numerically in their churches. It’s God’s time to shine in Zimbabwean churches.
Some prophecies we shall not release them now due to their sensitivity in nature but will release them when time comes.

28. Zimbabwe Prophecy: It was a vision, that appeared five times in my eyes and I spoke to my Lord and the Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation of the vision, which I am not at liberty to release now but will release it when the time comes as it appeared in a figurative manner. It is for the wise and spiritual. I saw a man in the spirit and this man was wearing a gown and it was purple in nature and in colour. With a passion in his heart, (very big passion in his heart). Medium size in height and holding a golden scepter in his right hand and a BIBLE in the left hand. The BIBLE and the scepter to my surprise had the map of Zimbabwe inscribed on it. He was walking to and fro the whole map of Zimbabwe then I suddenly got shocked because I saw him changing (because this came about five times even when I was in Asia in countries that I entered) into a ploughing oxen, those like you see in rural areas and he started tilling Zimbabwe’s field and grounds with the other yoke of 12 oxen (They were like 12 men oxen). These 12 yoke of oxen worked really hard but I saw at the end that the men oxen looked up in the sky in expectation of rain but there were few rains that came and there was little harvest of crops that happened. They tried all tricks in the book of farming but it did not work and they did not get returns that matched their hard work, then God said Zechariah 4v6 and God said read it to these oxen. The ox (It was a very big ox and I have never seen such type of an ox like that. It was very big) came to me and God said to me “My son Chiza, deliver the oxen first”. I delivered the oxen and when I was carrying it, it felt like I was carrying a baby the way I carry my 1 year old son and the oxen started manifesting some demons and God said deliver the oxen first for it to produce in the field. So I took it onto my chest though it was big and heavy and many people who were watching there were surprised that the oxen was manifesting evil spirits, then God said it was now delivered and ready to be released into the field of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe’s field shall produce for it and the oxen went and started to produce and I heard again God said, “it’s not by might nor by my power, says the Lord”, then a red tag was put on its neck I smiled and I woke up. Glory be to Jesus. Those that are spiritual can get the interpretation. If you fail to interpret this vision. We shall interpret it for you when the time comes. God bless Zimbabwe. Thank you for praying for Zimbabwe.


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