Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Zimbabwe: MDC-Alliance Says Mnangagwa Govt Illegitimate, Pleads With the U.S. Not to Forget Zimbabwe

Former finance Minister Tendai Biti who is in the US leading MDC Alliance principals has pleaded with the Donald Trump administration not to "forget" Zimbabwe in its fight against "tyranny" under what he called an "illegitimate government."

He was presenting a testimony titled 'Zimbabwe at the Crossroads: A Chance for a new Beginning' before Senate Relations Subcommittee on Africa and Global healthy policy in Washington DC on Tuesday.

Biti told the subcommittee that events in Zimbabwe from the 15th of November, 2017 amounted to an "illegal and illegitimate transfer of power from one faction" of the ruling Zanu PF party to another.

"As Zimbabwe begins this quest for transformation, it will need the support of the international community, including the United States and Congress in particular, this crucial stage.
Zimbabwe: MDC-Alliance Says Mnangagwa Govt Illegitimate, Pleads With the U.S. Not to Forget Zimbabwe
"We ask the international community and the US to keep us in your hearts. Do not allow our country to be forgotten in our battle against tyranny and poverty and for democracy and human rights.

Our election requires active support and oversight from the international community, including our Americans friends," said Biti.

The People's Democratic Party leader said the military and the so-called "securocrats" have subverted constitutional order in a way that merely entrenched un-democratic rule.

Biti further told the Americans that once Zimbabwe shows signs of "irrevocable and irreversible trajectory towards legitimacy, democracy, and the rule of law, we shall require your full support as we re-engage key international institutions".

He added: "The new authorities must show some signs of a commitment to real transformation other than cosmetic statements on the economy.

"The real danger is that they will pursue a Beijing model, in the respect of which there are nominal improvements on the economy while political space is closed and democracy is muzzled.
"They must show commitment to real change."

"Zimbabwe now faces an uncertain future, but one which presents real opportunities for reconstructing, rebuilding and refabricating a new Zimbabwean story, and a new Zimbabwean society," said Biti.

The delegation to the US also includes MDC-T Vice President Nelson Chamisa, Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngaribvume and MDC President Welshman Ncube. They were invited by the US government for an update on the developments in Zimbabwe. New Zimbabwe

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