Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Southwest - Two Armed Secessionists Arrested

Two young men were arrested on Monday near the Bombe-Bakundu weighing station, in possession of weapons of war and ammunition.

Both young men are 22 years old. They were stopped by a patrol of security forces.

Interviewed the two young men said to have taken the weapon at a hunter.

According to the national gendarmerie, the two young men confessed that they were preparing the attack on the Bombe-Bakundu forward gendarmerie station, on the Mamfe-Kumba axis, in the Manyu department, south-west region. , the epicenter of the armed struggle between militia of Scacuf-armed army of the SCNC, and Cameroonian forces of defense and security.

Southwest- Two Armed Secessionists Arrested

The departments of Gréé and Manyu in the south-west face the repeated onslaught of armed secessionists called terrorists by the government.
These attacks, which have already left more than ten dead and around 20 wounded in the ranks of the security forces, are in the wake of the so-called Anglophone crisis, which has shaken the two regions of the North-West and South-West for more than a year. one year. Southwest- Two Armed Secessionists Arrested 

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