Sunday, 10 December 2017

Jonathan Moyo Accuses George Charamba Of 'Bootlicking Idiocy'

Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo who is in self-imposed exile - has hit back at Media, Information and Broadcasting Service ministry permanent secretary George Charamba after the presidential spokesperson lifted the lid on the real brains behind a legacy institution for former president, Robert Mugabe.

Charamba, last week, revealed that the idea to honour Robert Mugabe with a $1 billion university was President Mnangagwa's idea.
Jonathan Moyo Accuses George Charamba Of 'Bootlicking Idiocy'
However, Moyo denied the said, writing on his Twitter page that the idea was initially brought in by former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo with plans being drawn by Mugabe's nephew Albert Mugabe.

Moyo attacked Charamba that instead of talking about a life well lived, there were in fact talking about how that life was being misappropriated for a future political project - changing from retrospective to being prospective.

Source - Daily News

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