Monday, 6 November 2017

Zuma Hints He Will Step Down As President At Next Month’s ANC Electives

Speaking at an OR Tambo lecture in West Johannesburg, Jacob Zuma gave an indication that he was prepared to hand over his presidential powers as early as next month, during the ANC Electives Conference on Monday 18th December.

The party gathering will officially be used to named Jacob Zuma’s successor, although it was previous unclear as to when his replacement would officially take the reigns. It now seems like Jacob Zuma is planning an early exit, though. Speaking to a far-from-packed gathering in Kagiso, JZ dropped the bombshell on the Gauteng crowd.
Zuma Hints He Will Step Down As President At Next Month’s ANC Electives
“I will have time to talk to branches in whatever way I want. I am very happy that I am leaving my position in December.”

“As a president, I have to uphold the values of the ANC. I have to maintain a certain standard, but after December, when someone insults me, I will have an opportunity to talk back. At conferences, I will be an ordinary delegate like everyone else.”

Zuma seemed incredibly excited that he would get a chance to respond to his critics in an ‘un-presidential way’ from 2018 onwards. This is no revelation, Jacob. The way you have “meandosed” your way around political accountability has been un-presidential for years.

JZ supporters were mainly bused in from West Rand, and the venue was nothing like a sell-out. A select group who did make it were wearing t-shirts with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma printed on them. She is the President’s preferred choice to replace him.
Will the ANC Electives be his swansong?

Could Jacob Zuma be giving us all a timely Christmas present? Or is his word as good as mud? If he sticks to his word, we could already be in the last six weeks of Zuma’s presidency.

It’s just a shame it’s all ending on his own terms, and with enough time for him to book his one-way escape route to Dubai.

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