Sunday, 19 November 2017

Zanu-PF Meets To Fire Robert Mugabe

Mugabe will likely be sacked as president and first secretary of the Zanu-PF party when the central committee meets on Sunday morning. The other vice president Phelekezela Mphoko is out of the country at present.

Sacking Mugabe from the ruling party would be the first step to removing him from power in a way Southern African Development Community (SADC) could find hard to argue against.

This will not remove Mugabe from his national post. But he would then be a president of a country where the ruling party has rejected him.
Zanu-PF Meets To Fire Robert Mugabe
Former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, may then reappear in public, insiders say. The central committee may also discuss how to reinstate him as vice president so he can then move ahead to create a new government, probably of national unity. All of this will have to be done somehow so as not to offend the 2013 constitution, insiders say.

Some speculate his lawyers may approach the Harare High Court on Monday with an urgent application to challenge his axing as vice president earlier this month.

Patrick Chinamasa, the reformist finance minister, who was sacked from his post by Mugabe last month, said that the central committee meeting on Sunday was the "important" moment. "That is where we will make decisions. Be there tomorrow. Speculate as you like about what will happen in the future but this is an important step. Tomorrow. See you there," he said.

Robert Mugabe will have a second round of negotiations with the generals on Sunday who took control of Zimbabwe earlier this week about an exit package.

Mugabe wants his assets secured and indemnity from prosecution which falls away when he is no longer president of Zimbabwe.

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