Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top Stories - Those Coming After Robert Mugabe Are Not Good Men

The resignation of Robert Mugabe, after the intervention of the army and then the move to impeach him, ends his 37 years in power -- which included his physical and intellectual degeneration over the last decade.

Even his own party saw he had lost the capacity to function as a modern president in perilous economic times. Accordingly, the impeachment motion in Parliament was put forward by his own party, and seconded by the opposition.
Those Coming After Robert Mugabe Are Not Good Men
But those coming after Mugabe are not good, clean men. Some have real blood on their hands. The need for reinvention will include their own transformation into Western-friendly pragmatists. The era of ideology is over, and the rhetoric of nationalism will need to be replaced by the hard work of rebuilding.
This rebuilding will require some emergency injection of liquidity by foreign powers. The Chinese are in a position to do some of this -- and have indeed acted as an ally to Mugabe in the past. If the West does not provide support, the question of future influence may be at stake ... Those Coming After Robert Mugabe Are Not Good Men.

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