Sunday, 26 November 2017

Grace 'Gucci' Mugabe Must Apologize To Zimbabweans

I read with dismay that Robert Mugabe got a $10 million handshake to facilitate his resigning from the position of the President of Zimbabwe. Furthermore, he will continue to receive his full salary benefits etc.

Maybe for Robert it is understandable but why continue with half his benefits for Grace once Robert is dead? Why can't she draw pension like everyone else? What is so special about her?

Grace caused a lot of pain and anxiety in our families and need to apologize to the country for what she did. If she is remorseful at all of her actions, then she should say thank you to the army for the benefits offer but ask the money to be donated to the poor. She has billions of dollars in foreign bank accounts and do not need to continue bleeding the country.
Grace 'Gucci' Mugabe Must Apologize To Zimbabweans
If Grace does not apologize to Zimbabwe, she will never enjoy a single day out of Zimbabwe. She will be hunted like an animal.

The immunity from prosecution only applies in Zimbabwe so it is not celebration time for Grace and her hubby yet. Anyone who was wronged by the former first family is advised that they can sue in them in other countries. Zimbabwe is trying to join the global community therefore will respect judgement passed in a correctly formed court anywhere in the world.

At least Grace must have gone on public television and apologize; it is unfortunate that she did not but it is better late than never.

Source - Sam Wezhira

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