Wednesday, 22 November 2017

'Gucci' Grace Mugabe's Life Will Never Be The Same Again

In just seven dramatic days, Grace Mugabe’s world has changed beyond recognition.

The 52 year old wife of former Zimbabwean president Robert, whoresigned yesterday following military intervention, has been stripped of the power she has enjoyed since marrying Mugabe in 1996 - and any chance of replacing her 93 year old husband as head of state.
'Gucci' Grace Mugabe's Life Will Never Be The Same Again
She must be shocked at the sudden change of her status. The feared wife of Zimbabwe’s leader who would make a dramatic entrance into parliament each year, in colourful clothes she designed herself, is now a detested woman, who would probably not be safe shopping in her local supermarket.

Grace had been determined to keep her ageing husband in power. She wanted him to stand for election next year, meaning that he would have been 99 when that term ended. Previously, she had said that if old age meant he could no longer walk, she would personally push... Continue Reading Article Here.

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