Saturday, 25 November 2017

Check These 8 Grace Mugabe ‘Itching-For-A-Fight’ Quotes

Grace Mugabe was well known to be “cranium empty”in the corridors of government and the ruling Zanu PF party.

Her acidic mouth was both hated and feared by all. She is said to have had anger management issues and ruled her home with an iron fist, a fist as strong as that of her ousted husband, President Robert Mugabe.

But here are the things she said that had the nation revolting leading to an embarrassing political demise.
Check These 8 Grace Mugabe ‘Itching-For-A-Fight’ Quotes
1. “I want to tell you the truth about Mutsvangwa. He was not elected. We are constantly being intimidated and threatened by Mutsvangwa that Mnangagwa has the support of the army.

2. “Mutsvangwa akanotorwa uko naChiwenga akanzi president ndovarikuda iwewe (Mutsvangwa was brought by Chiwenga and told that the president wants you to lead the war veterans).

3.Vamwe vozogokuigirai ma cup akanzi ‘’I am the boss’’ motorwa ma picture kana taaona tinokutsamwirai hatiregere.

4. “So, Mutsvangwa deserved to go. He deserved to leave this party. Nekuti iny’any’a (he is troublesome). Haana kukwana (He is not normal). Pasi naye (down with him),” she added.

5. “I might have a small fist. But when it comes to fighting, I will put stones inside to enlarge it. Do not doubt my capabilities.”

6. “If God decides to take him, then we will field him as a corpse in the election.”

7. “I have said to the president, leave me in charge – I will be good at this, I can do a great job.”

8. Ndamuudza kuti iwewe mnangagwa ka unofunga kuti unoziya president hauvazive, you you knw that man. Mnangagwa wajaira wajaira tinokudonedza mangwana chaiye ...

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