Saturday, 18 November 2017

Bulawayo, Gweru In Solidarity Marches

Thousands of people in Bulawayo and Gweru yesterday marched in the two cities’ Central Business Districts, demanding the immediate resignation of President Mugabe.

In Bulawayo, police had to temporarily close their main station Bulawayo Central and Saurcetown as some of the protesters besieged the stations denouncing the police against corruption.

They sang songs that were denouncing corruption within the police force.
Jubilant scenes unfolded on the streets of Bulawayo, with thousands of people demanding the immediate resignation of President Mugabe.

Many were seen raising Zimbabwean flags while also chanting slogans of triumph.
Those interviewed said they had experienced “real independence”.

The march started at the Bulawayo City Hall Car Park at 9am, proceeding to the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo’s statue, before proceeding to the Central Police Station and the Large City Hall.
 Bulawayo, Gweru In Solidarity Marches
One participant carried a placard with a message for President Mugabe which read, “Leave Zimbabwe now!!!”.

Some newspaper vendors held up newspaper banners with the headline “Mugabe cornered.”
People sang and danced to revolutionary songs, proceeding to the State House.

Trucks from the Zimbabwe National Army then barricaded the road leading to the State House as the crowd was advancing.

One senior officer told the crowd to turn back as their pleas had been noted.
People did not resist and marched back to town.

Many could be heard saying they were educated but jobless.
“We sell airtime and we are street vendors but we carry degrees, we want a change from this madness. We do not want to fight but we want to put food on the table,” said one man.

In Gweru, people marched along Lobengula Avenue and turned into Robert Mugabe Way holding placards denouncing the G40 cabal and demanding President Mugabe to step down.

Business temporarily came to a standstill as people from across the political divide held joint demonstrations in the Midlands capital, demanding the immediate resignation of President Mugabe.

Yesterday morning, 40 buses with people from Midlands’ eight districts went to Harare for the Solidarity Rally organised by war veterans.

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