Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Brenda Biya Will Do Her Military Service In December - Cameroon News

The final results for the recruitment of 405 students at the National School of Administration and the Judiciary (ENAM) will be published without delay at the end of the oral admission tests.

This is the decisive stage of the entrance exams to the "A" and "B" cycle of the Judges and Administrations Divisions and the Financial Registries at the 2017 ENAM session.

The oral admission tests started on Monday November 20, end after tomorrow Friday, November 24.
405 of the 1727 candidates declared eligible on Friday, November 17, 2017, will be declared definitively admitted to benefit from the training of about two years at ENAM.

These training courses, which "vary according to the years according to the needs expressed by the administrations", begin with a 45-day superior military preparation for new recruits of Cameroonian nationality.
Brenda Biya Will Do Her Military Service In December
"In itself, the so-called Advanced Military Training (PMS) consists of providing some basic skills of the profession of arms and technical and tactical know-how to future administrators. During practical exercises (assault rifle shooting, disassembling and winding weapons blindfolded, obstacle course ...), many students, who in this case presented themselves as second-class soldiers, showed that they had learned something.

Statistics on their progress have been given by the head of the Eyenga battalion, Director of Instruction: for the 10 km morning cross, trainees follow at 85%, an identical rate for the 8 km of Commando march during which soldiers carry a 10 kg bag.

Another detail of this point of situation, the acquisition of techniques of melee is in progress. As one can imagine, the training is not painless: medical evacuations have already been made in the direction of Yaoundé ... "wrote in September 2003 our colleague from Cameroon Tribune, Alliance Nyobia, back from a report to the Battalion des Airborne troops from Koutaba in the Western Region.
If the exact date of the publication of the defective results of the competitions organized for the academic year 2017/2018 is not known, that of the next academic year at ENAM is already known; this return is scheduled for Friday, December 15, 2017.

Thus, in case of admission, Brenda Biya, Junior Paul Biya and all other happy elected begin their training at ENAM by a military service.

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