Monday, 23 October 2017

'There Will Be No Dialogue If You Keep Ordering Officials' - Gregoire Owona Tells The Anglophone People Over BBC Africa & Africa N°1 Radio

The Minister of Labour and Social Security Gregoire Owona, who is also the Assistant Secretary General of the ruling CPDM party has said the government will not dialogue with the anglophones because they are warning and ordering government officials around. 

He also said President Paul Biya is the lone CPDM candidate for now, for the 2018 Etoudi Presidential race.

Gregoire Owono was speaking over BBC Africa radio program ' Le débat BBC Afrique-Africa N° 1' in Paris on Saturday Oct. 21st, 2017 where he was Liliane Nyatcha's guest.

The Minister was interviewed on many hot topics boiling in the country, especially on the ongoing anglophone crisis. Answering a question on the much debated 'form of the state,' he said: "When you start giving orders, there will be no dialogue, because they have people ordering government officials. You know that in the world today, Cameroon is not the only country talking about secession. We have many other countries talking about secession today. Is there any country you know that has obtained secession by ordering officials, and everything ended well? I don't know of any". the Minister answered his host Cameroonian BBC Africa journalist Liliane Nyatcha.
'There Will Be No Dialogue If You Keep Ordering Officials' - Gregoire Owona Tells The Anglophone People Over BBC Africa & Africa N°1 Radio
He further went on to say the Prime Minister has been sent to meet the said secessionists, before meeting the leaders of the aggrieved anglophone people. "I am clearly telling them that they have no condition to give, apart from meeting the officials sent to them, who have the responsibility of managing the country. Let them go and meet these officials, reach out to them, and talk to them clearly, rather than going to the media or social media. No!, a country is not managed by the media. Medias are management tools. I mean one among many others", he frowned, suggesting that the anglophone people should meet the Prime Minister, who is at their disposal and in their land now, for solution to their problems. He also added that there is no reason, why the government emissaries to the anglophone people, should leave from there without a white smoke.

Talking about the 2018 Etoudi Presidential Race, Minister Gregoire Owona blasted that Presidential aspirant Akere Muna can never make a good president, and that for now, their man of 34 years, is the unchallenged runner of the race come 2018.

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