Friday, 13 October 2017

Tinashe Chiwese Death - Faith Gives Her Side Of The Story

Tapfumaneyi Allan Muwande appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande yesterday charged with murder. He was asked not to plead before being granted US$300 bail and the matter was remanded to October 25.

Among the bail conditions he was advised to reside at the given address, surrender his passport and report twice every week at Rhodesville Police Station.

It is the State’s case that on September 29, Muwande assaulted the late Chiweshe with hands, feet and a bottle on his ribs leading to his death.

There have been conflicting accounts on what transpired the night Tinashe Chiweshe was assaulted, leading to his death the following day.

Tapfumaneyi Allan Muwande of 1 Biddford Road, Greystone Park yesterday appeared in court (Rotten Row) charged with murder is expected back on October 25.
Tinashe Chiwese Death - Faith Gives Her Side Of The Story
FAITH’S VERSION OF EVENTS: The incident took place at 6 Rhodesville venue, Greendale and there have been at least THREE versions that however, can not be accurately verified as Tinashe, a central party to the incident, is now late.

VERSION ONE: Source told H-Metro that Muwande, who had access to the house, walked in on Tinashe (33) and Faith (36) being intimate, triggering the fatal attack on his estranged wife’s ‘business partner.’

VERSION TWO: Muwande arrived in Greendale, knocked on the door and Faith attended to the door wrapped in a ‘drying towel’. When Muwande made his way into the house he found Tinashe of Chinamano Heights in the Avenues, in their matrimonial bedroom and the conclusion was that they had been inti_mate.

VERSION THREE: Faith reported the case at Rhodesville police station leading to the arrest of Muwande under CR 159/09/17. When Faith, a director for Zuva printers in Eastlea, reported the assault at the police she gave what becomes the third version.

***On the 29th of September 2017 and about 2030Hrs, the now deceased (Tinashe) visited me at the above address and both are business partners in printing.

***Tinashe brought some beers with and a bottle of wine, which was for Faith.

***Tinashe and Faith were relaxing in the lounge at about 2330hrs on Friday when suddenly the accused (Muwande) who ‘was once married to Faith’ (they are on separation) knocked on the front door.

***Faith and Muwande are husband and wife and their matrimonial home is where Faith is residing.

***Upon entering the lounge, Muwande became furious and shouted at Faith accusing her of bringing boyfriends into his house.

***Muwande attacked Tinashe with a chair, head butted him and dragged him outside the house and dumped him on the lawn.

***Tinashe was lying unconscious in the yard. Muwande went on to clap Faith on the face, went out of the house and drove off leaving Faith in the house.

***After a while, Faith came out of the house and discovered that Tinashe was bleeding from the nose and had sustained a deep cut on the back of the head.

***Faith called an ambulance, which ferried Tinashe to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for treatment.

Source - HMetro

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