Monday, 16 October 2017

This Is Very Confidential - From Switzerland Paul Biya Prepares His Succession With His Family

Several dignitaries of his regime, who had been received by different waves by the head of state since his Swiss stay, would have discussed with him the current issues related to the immediate future of Cameroon, such as the settlement of the Anglophone crisis, the probability of a ministerial reshuffle, and possibly the issue of succession at the head of the state.

However, according to another analysis, the quality of personalities thus "consulted" lends the flank to other issues around these encounters. For these enlightened minds, it is not excluded that with these "confidants", the head of state has evoked the taboo issue of the succession at the head of the State. Difficult to say more, except to speculate on the likelihood of the president to evoke with his "friends" and "confidants" the future of Cameroon after him.

 If everyone knows that Paul Biya would be willing to run for a new term at the head of the state, he would be suspicious in certain circles, which he could possibly pass the hand during the mandate, taking into account several factors, to achieve a peaceful transition of power, as he had benefited from his predecessor in 1982.
This Is Very Confidential - From Switzerland Paul Biya Prepares His Succession With His Family
As such, the constitutional reforms currently under preparation in the seraglio would provide an indication of the appropriateness and plausibility of this issue, which might decline its outline by the time of the next parliamentary session, line of sight, amending certain provisions of the Basic Law. Without being in the secrets of God, speculation evokes the hypotheses of the establishment of a post of vice president of the republic, which would devolve to an anglophone national if the president-elect is francophone, and vice versa. The same is true of the enlargement of certain prisoners of Operation Epervier. A list has already been stopped by Paul Biya. We will come back.
An innovation that could lead to the disappearance of the Senate, only three years after its creation. In the wake of the expected changes, there is also talk of amending the Electoral Code, particularly in its provisions on the implementation of decentralization provided for by the Constitution of 18 January 1996. Innovations that should radically change the face of politico -constitutional of Cameroon, and bring the country back on the path of serenity. Time will tell. Confidential - From Switzerland Paul Biya Prepares His Succession With His Family.

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