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Revelations About The Stay Of Biya In Switzerland: A Whole Floor Blocked For The Couple

Despite many reasons for his determination to remain at the head of the state until the evening, even at the price of the hectoliters of blood of his compatriots.

The Cameroonian president's passion for the luxury offered by the Geneva hotel establishment , which can only be satisfied at the expense and expense of the Cameroonian taxpayer, leaves him no choice but to die in power or die in power.

Read this article published in April 2014 on, and today more than ever before, at a time when the senile African dictator shines by his absence from his country on the verge of the civil war, to seize the motivational springs of the inconsistency of the Cameroonian president who adjures his slaves to "tighten the belt", while he enjoys leading a life of unrepentant enjoyer.
Revelations About The Stay Of Biya In Switzerland: A Whole Floor Blocked For The Couple
Cameroonians in the diaspora carried out international action on 19 January to try to dislodge President Paul Biya from the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva and to alert world public opinion to the catastrophic situation in Cameroon. According to the Cameroonian diaspora, Paul Biya would rent an entire floor of this luxury Geneva hotel for him and fifty relatives at the expense of the Cameroonian taxpayer. An opulent lifestyle that contrasts sharply with the misery of his country, which he has been steering with an iron hand for more than 30 years, and which is sinking into a socio-economic disaster.

They came to Geneva from all corners of the globe: from Canada, the United States, Belgium, France and Switzerland to "dislodge" Paul Biya from the Intercontinental and draw the attention of international opinion to the situation which is rampant in Cameroon. A beautiful country, very rich in natural resources, called Africa in miniature because of its ethno-cultural diversity. But according to these militants who went to the city of Calvin from January 16 to 19, "it's time to do something before it's too late. Because Cameroon is going badly, very badly. "

The crushing poverty of the Cameroonian people

The people pull the devil by the tail and the basket of the housewife empties day after day. "For the past several months, the vast majority of Cameroonians have been struggling to have a baguette of bread for breakfast. The price of basic necessities is rising at an exponential rate, pushing the taxpayer into ambient poverty. The gabegie of the leaders is disgusting, "confides a French married to a Cameroonian. More than two years ago, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) drew up a report "of a rare severity" on the economic management of Cameroon.

"The list of criticisms addressed to the Cameroonian leaders is very long. Experts at the IMF are unclear about the lack of infrastructure, poor governance and the bad business climate, "the result of which is" the country's economic stagnation and its vulnerability to the recent financial crisis, "says Radio France Internationale, in an article in August 2010.

"An entire floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva leased to the year"

Meanwhile, Paul Biya is basking in one of the most expensive hotels in the world ... the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva where, according to our sources, he would rent the entire 6th floor year round for a Pharaonic sum. A cozy enclave of Geneva from the sharp edges of Lake Geneva. A haven of happiness for the great people of this world: Arab princes with the shovel, statesmen, businessmen handpicked. Bill Clinton stayed there. Herbert Schott, after spending 35 years as head of the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva until 2002, tells dozens of anecdotes about his most famous clients in his book "L'HÔTELIER" in 2007.

Among the 157 heads of state who stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel, Paul Biya is the one who most marked him. As for his three children, they also have their place in the Lemanic paradise, where they study in the very select College of Léman, in Geneva. A high-school school whose tuition and internship cost the trifle of 78'000 euros per year and per student, according to Jeune Afrique.

"How can we afford such an insolent luxury when the country we are heading is classified as HIPC by the Bretton Woods institutions?", An activist, named Thierry, to add that "Paul Biya is dangerous, wicked and sanguinary and that it must at all costs prevent him from drowning, destroying Cameroon by all possible means". A situation and behavior that most Cameroonians find shocking and even insulting because the serious global economic crisis that is currently taking place also has repercussions on Africa and Cameroon is not spared.

"Desperate attempt to dislodge the dictator by force"

What is the reason for the anger of the activists who went to Geneva to protest against Paul Biya and some of whom did not hesitate to enter the Intercontinental Hotel on January 19 in a desperate attempt to "dislodge the dictator by force ". "We explained to the staff and the managers of this hotel that the money Biya and his friends spend in this hotel belongs to the Cameroonian people," chorused four Cameroonian activists who were able to penetrate inside the establishment before to be stopped by Swiss policemen and the security of the establishment. They swore that they would "hunt him wherever he went to waste Cameroonians' money".
A letter written by a collective in the name of "Free Cameroon" was sent to the Swiss authorities to demand the expulsion of Paul Biya from the Swiss territory. "The Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva is an accomplice in the accentuation of poverty and the homelessness of the Cameroonian people. We invite Cameroonians, Cameroonian friends, Swiss, and the whole world to add their voice to the countryside to ask this hotel to no longer accept Biya and his friends as guests. We must clearly inform the leaders of the Intercontinental Hotel that the Cameroonian people will not be silent, as long as they choose to participate in the plundering of our country, "the activists concluded.

NB: This article was published in April 2014. More than three years later, it seems to have been written today, and there is no hope that this will change in the years to come.Revelations About The Stay Of Biya In Switzerland: A Whole Floor Blocked For The Couple

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