Thursday, 12 October 2017

President Paul Biya To Visit Buea And Bamenda

Precarious calm prevails in the English-speaking north-west and south-western regions of Cameroon, which are prey to secessionist claims.

 After the clashes between the police and protesters who killed on October 1, activity seems to have resumed its normal course. Even if the security situation remains alert. Since the beginning of the crisis, voices have been raised calling for an "inclusive dialogue".

Yaoundé has invented solutions, among which the "to live together", a discovery that one wants to be everywhere in Cameroon. And even the "promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism" is part of this dynamic. In spite of everything, the situation is getting bogged down and the positions are frozen. The real solution is expected from Etoudi "The president must go down to the English-speaking regions" to inquire about the actual situation on the ground. And then, the answer seems to come from Etoudi. Without reading too much in a crystal ball, one can decrypt a message. There are signs that do not deceive.
President Paul Biya To Visit Buea And Bamenda
And for good reason, the minister delegated to the presidency in charge of defense is on "commissioned" mission in turbulent areas "On very high instructions from the head of state, head of the armed forces, the minister delegated to the presidency in charge of the Defense will preside in Buea on Thursday, October 12, 2017, a major meeting to assess the security situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions, which has been plagued by terrorist acts and other security threats for some time "

Premonitory sign or chance of calendar? Nothing is less sure. Yet it is that, and it is a truth of Yaounde "the president has his time. The president takes the time »The president's time has finally come to speak to anglophones" face to face ". To this end, mobilization must be general, security conditions strengthened, justice on the lookout. The same statement said "The governors of the two regions concerned and the senior officials of the Central and Territorial Defense and Security Forces as well as the prosecutors of the military courts will take part. The meeting will scrutinize the security situation and assess the functioning of the various devices on the ground to adapt them, if necessary in the light of respect for the law and order ". And above all" The meeting will take place in a strict closed session ". We see that something is preparing for Etoudi. No doubt the beginning of the decrispation. The next few days will tell us.President Paul Biya To Visit Buea And Bamenda

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