Tuesday, 10 October 2017

One Week After October 1st Cameroon Carnage - Revealed Are The Investigations and Findings

The first of October 2017 in the North West and South West Region is day that will always been remembered in history as the “Extermination of the innocents”, who all were protesting for a day’s recognition which they believe will define their identity.

Families are still in pains as their children were murdered, tortured, captured and transferred to unknown locations while others are in known location and good number are still missing.

According to Cameroons Minister of Communication, 10 people were killed in the protest and among the 10 people 5 were prisoners who were trying to escape, 3 were forces of law and order killed by protesters and two extremist were killed trying to attacked security forces.

Above all the Minister of Communication stated that, the protesters have been brainwashed by terrorist to go out on the street violently and the demonstrators are all terrorist according to Minister Issa Tchiroma
One Week After October 1st Cameroon Carnage - Revealed Are The Investigations and Findings

Corroborating with the Minister of Communication the S.D.O of Manyu earlier warned the population of Manyu not to go out to the street on the 1st October 2017 for they will be considered terrorist.

Similar communiqué was signed by both governors of the North West and South West Region banning public gathering and restricted movement of people from one division to another and church activities were all grounded.

Mobile telephone networks were used to warned protesters not to go out to the street and demonstrate and Internet services were censored is not yet back. But interestingly, the constitution of Cameroon state that Cameroonians have the right to demonstrate peacefully and many people wondered why the government attempted to killed the 1sth October Protest in Anglophone Cameroon and celeberated it in other regions?

On the first of October 2017 demonstrators came out peacefully to voice out their concern and grievances in the North West and South West Region they were teargas, tortured and arrested by the forces of law and order that were defending the “territorial integrity” of Cameroon the have been taught is one and indivisible.

While the protesters had red oil, water, peace plant in their hands and “blue and white” Materials they called their flags the military men had guns, teargas, water cannon, helicopter etc. The protesters decided to move on with their protest and were brutalized by security forces while others were shot, capture and homes invaded by forces of law and order.

Buea alone had over a dozen killed and injured while some are missing, Muyuka, Mmutengene, Ekona, Muea, Kumba, Mamfe, and their environ equally recorded a good number of dead, and Bamenda, Kombo, Ikilewindi, Wum, other areas recorded a good number of dead.
Some injured died days after taking to the hospital while others are missing. Amnesty international international puts the dead toll to over 17people and other NGOs and some Cameroonian News Papers puts the figure to over 100. The government since after October 1st has been carrying out series of arrest invading churches, breaking homes of individuals and arresting them while tasking them to pay hundreds of CFA to be released.

On the 4th October 2017 US state department condemned Cameroonian for killing unarm protesters. One Week After October 1st Cameroon Carnage - Revealed Are The Investigations and Findings.

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