Thursday, 12 October 2017

Brenda Biya, Your Father Drinks The Blood of Cameroonians says Joël Engo

In her attempt to "clarify" the Anglophone crisis, Ms. Brenda Biya's last intervention added her own diversion by writing: "Hello everyone, Cameroon is indivisible, why listen to those who want the destruction of this country? you know that the blood flow is that they want the West?

in fact, Miss Biya rejects the English attack and the massacre of ordinary English speaking Cameroonians by his father's army on the "Westerners", allegedly as she poured blood of the Cameroonians to distract from the "nationalist economic policy" of his father, which includes the introduction of a Cameroonian currency to replace the neo-colonial CFA franc.

This argument is not unrelated to the complotist rhetoric already issued by Mr. Issa Tchiroma Bakary, minister of communication of his father and spokesman of his government, which declared that the anglophone crisis is "conceived outside Cameroon" .
Brenda Biya, Your Father Drinks The Blood of Cameroonians
Ms. Brenda Biya "clarified" and reduced the crisis to the CFA franc; not to Anglophone activism in favor of human rights and civil disobedience to his father's autocratic regime. According to Mademoiselle Brenda Biya, being for the CFA franc is therefore a reinvented form of anti-nationalism in Cameroon, punishable by death. Even in the unlikely scenario where we would agree with Mademoiselle Biya to say that this crisis is about the CFA franc, it is not and it would never be a justification to kill ordinary and peaceful Cameroonians with impunity.

Joël Didier Engo, the chairman of the CL2P, wrote in reply to Miss Biya
Mademoiselle, "The devil who drinks the blood of the Cameroonians" is none other than Paul Biya. Not the Westerners!

Unfortunately Mademoiselle Biya, the blood of the Cameroonians, which has flowed and has in fact never ceased to flow since 1982, is certainly not that of the Westerners - which have nothing to do with (this time) - but indeed, the fact of the unfulfilled decisions of your father and of the crimes executed by the soldiery under his orders.

"The Devil who drinks the blood of the Cameroonians" is unfortunately your father, however difficult it is conceivable and understandable for a young woman of your microcosm.
Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon for 35 years, is the first person responsible for the massacre of the Anglophone civilian populations (and many others before), in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Army of Cameroon .

Decency would like it to answer before the competent international jurisdictions, even at 85 years!

Mr. Engo, who is also a highly qualified lawyer and political economist, beyond his human rights activities, understands further that in practice the notion of "money" implies the ability to build consensus culture as an engine of social transformation. This social transformation concerns the institutionalization of a common currency; a common stock of trust as justification tools and practices that establish criteria for epistemic norms and values.

As such, the role played by crafts, techniques, and industry in the construction of this common stock of trust in relation to material objects is not negligible. Thus, the whole redefinition of language, politics, and the way in which the flows of material objects merge into a form of money that structures society and informs about progress and modernity. Thus, in order for a form of money to be instituted, it is necessary to establish procedures to strengthen confidence in social relations. Therefore, the relationship between physical objects and use is paramount.

This is where even a nationalized Cameroonian currency will do nothing to help ordinary Cameroonians. Because the new currency will be privatized by Paul Biya's regime to control the political sphere, because it has taken the bad habit of using "corruption" in order to extract from the political field people whom the regime believes to pose or pose a threat (for its survival).

Therefore, a currency alone does nothing, it is how it is used. The CL2P has already had to point out that some autocratic regimes such as China and Singapore have succeeded in developing a thriving private sector and performing economies which the Biya regime will never do. Brenda Biya, Your Father Drinks The Blood of Cameroonians - Joël Engo.

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