Sunday, 8 October 2017

Brenda Biya Crisis - Makes A Very Shocking Statement That Causes Social Media Conflict

A text on the socio-political situation in the English-speaking regions was published on a fake Facebook page of the President's daughter, causing a lively controversy on the web.

Has Brenda Biya spoken about the current crisis in Cameroon's two English-speaking regions? The answer to this question has been the subject of numerous debates on social networks since 3 October, the date of the publication of a text attributed to it, blaming the Anglophone crisis for manipulation in Western countries.

"Cameroon is indivisible, why listen to those who want the destruction of this country? Do you think that the blood they want to sink is that of the Westerners? No, (…) ! It will not be that of the Westerners that push us to self destroy. Look at what happens in Libya, the Libyans who die are not French, but Libyans. All they want is to come up against each other to continue to control us. Let us not be stupid as they think, quite the contrary ... ", introduces the post attributed to Brenda Biya.
Brenda Biya Crisis - Makes A Very Shocking Statement That Causes Social Media Conflict
To justify this position, the false Brenda Biya explains that everything would have started from the interest aroused by the debate around the release of the CFA franc. " They know that we are determined to put an end to the CFA, to confuse us, they create the problem of Anglophones, because the case of the abandonment of the CFA has been on the table for almost three years, as many Cameroonians have started to open our eyes to this story, they create a diversion, and we, not seeing it coming, embrace this story and the troubles begin. The publication in its sequel calls on Cameroonians for peace: "The problem of Anglophones can be resolved in a calm, non-violent way, can violence bring peace to a country? ".

In less than three days, this publication generated nearly 7500 reactions, 3500 comments and more than 2183 shares. Sufficient to create a debate around this out-of-the-ordinary speech, and to be picked up by many online media and print media.

For Chedjou Kamdem , a specialist in digital communication, the enthusiasm around this publication is rather strange because, according to him, it is quite obvious to realize that this is a page falsely attributed to the daughter of the president. " This page contains very little information on the subject, and the ones mentioned are erroneous; officially, we know that the daughter of the head of state is not fashion model. Another element that indicates that this account is not that of Brenda Biya, it is the rest of the publications of the account. This page shared a fake Christian Bassogog account, while this one has an official account. All this shows that this page does not belong to the president's daughter. "

Faced with the magnitude that this publication is taking, Chedjou Kamdem suggests to the daughter of the president to use its real accounts to deny being the origin of this post. " Whether it is on Instagram or on Snapchat it is necessary that it decides on this subject because this post is taking considerably proportions ". Brenda Biya Crisis: Social Media Conflict.

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