Friday, 13 October 2017

Anglophones Attacks Samuel Eto'o

Every Cameroonian is a fan of the living legend "Samuel Eto'o" !!! However, his calm in the face of the crisis in the Northwest and South-West regions intrigues some.

The group of Cameroonians identifying themselves as "ambazonians" are surfing on social networks. They ask contrasting questions about Eto'o.

Some have easy criticism about it, and its "no comment" irritates them. Others have a more mixed opinion, and think it is better that he keep his composure.
Anglophones Attacks Samuel Eto'o

It is clear that by its influence, a word moved or misplaced could have serious media and real consequences on the person of the footballer.

It is therefore an important but very delicate subject for Samuel. He's a superstar, yes, but his opinion of whatever kind may not have an impact on the crisis, but rather on his career alone. His calm does not mean "indifference", but rather "wisdom".
He avoids saying words that could be misinterpreted and that could divide Cameroon. Prayer for peace and dialogue remains ingrained in all. No human life should be endangered.

The misunderstanding also stems from the fact that he has not yet expressed his condolences to the bereaved families. It is desirable that some artists make their voices heard in the grief of affected families, so that they feel less excluded. Anglophones Attacks Samuel Eto'o

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