Monday, 16 October 2017

Akere Muna says 'This Is The Right Moment To Embark On The Political Arena Of Cameroon'

The lawyer's application has been running a lot of ink and saliva since last week.

He was waiting for the right moment to embark on the political arena of Cameroon, the right time to show his ambitions in the open. Akere Muna chose October 8 to announce his candidacy for the presidential election in 2018. 

This lawyer from the English aristocracy now has a year to convince Cameroonian voters to adhere to his project which promises "a new Republic".

While some members of the Rdpc, the ruling party, such as Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding, mock this candidacy, others see Akere Muna as a serious challenger to Paul Biya, who has been in power since 1982. "If the Rdpc did not never taken seriously a candidate is the time to do it, "said the singer Roméo Dika, who worked for many years alongside Charles Doumba, the former secretary general of the Central Committee of the RPC. Like the latter, many evoke the networks of the English-speaking lawyer.

He has been admitted to the US State Department since his reputation as a corruptor of corruption led him to the position of Vice President of Transparency International. At 10 Dawning Street and in the entourage of the Queen of England, Akere enjoyed the sympathy that the English nomenklatura had for her father, Solomon Tandeng Muna, former prime minister and president of the National Assembly in Cameroon.
He was waiting for the right moment to embark on the political arena of Cameroon
Except that it is hard to believe that this address book can be useful to him in October. The first challenge of Akere Muna will be the validation of his candidacy. "If he chooses to take the lead of a political movement it is cooked for him," analyzes an observer of national political life. For the latter, a free candidacy is utopian in the Cameroonian environment. To hope to challenge Paul Biya in 2018, the lawyer will need 300 signatures, 30 by regions with elected officials and traditional chiefs for the most part. Failing this, it must be mandated by a political party that has at least one municipal councilor.
"If someone does not meet any of these conditions, it is useless to debate him," says Sosthène Médar Lipot, MRC Maurice Kamto. Who explains that the parties capable of mandating a candidate, apart from those who have already found theirs, are of the presidential majority. Like what, for Akere Muna, challenger Paul Biya is the squaring of the circle. In addition to the debate on the validation of the candidature of the son of Solomon Tandeng Muna, that on his electorate arises. Does the former vice president of Transparency International have a political base?

Many observers doubt it and will argue that no one has ever won a presidential election without a diverse electoral base. In the opinion of experts, by sending a letter to the UN in which he said he feared that a genocide would be organized by the Yaounde power in the English-speaking regions, Akere Muna thickened the line. The consequence of this is that he is now away from the voters of other parts of the country. It is perhaps to convince the latter that it starts a year before the election. In the wealthy salons of Yaounde, they are some to think.

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