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After President Biya's Ignorance - Here Are The Worst Declarations Of The English Crisis

Paul Atanga Nji: The Neo-Holocaust Denial of the Declarations, Positions and Attitudes of Certain Actors on the Sociopolitical Crisis That Shook the Northwest and Southwest Regions for a Year.

He was one of the first personalities of the Republic from the English-speaking part of the country, to speak publicly about the demonstrations against the backdrop of demands of the lawyers and then the Anglophones in October 2016. From his position as minister in charge of the presidency of the Republic and, above all, as permanent secretary of the National Security Council - and therefore with a certain level of information - he rejects the thesis of marginalization in any form whatsoever of native Cameroonians of the above-mentioned regions. On the contrary, he has this argument: "I would rather say evidence that the Head of State, HE Paul Biya, has always granted preferential treatment to Anglophones. I am surprised by this debate, which makes no sense. "

For this high-ranking state clerk, "no man of common sense can take these lawyers seriously," and it is more than obvious that "Anglophones occupy the most important posts in Cameroon. The Director General of the Treasury and the Director General of Customs are all from the Northwest. The Prime Minister head of government, the Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council, the Director of Presidential Security, the President of Elecam (Elections Cameroon, Editor's note), the President of the National Commission on Human Rights, of the National Council of Communication are all Anglophones, "he argues. However, he added that he was not opposed to the creation by the Head of State of a committee in charge of re-examining the problems raised by teachers and lawyers.

Ayuk Julius Tabe: The President Without Republic
This is a very curious character who landed on September 17 at the Washington airport in the United States. Ayuk Julius Tabe, "chairman of the government council of Southern Cameroon" cumulatively with his functions as "President of the Republic of Ambazonia" - a chimerical state supposed to be born of the North-West and South-West regions hosted by sympathizers who gave him "His Excellency". After the bouquet of flowers, the "President of the Ambazonie" will take place in a limousine flanked by pennants in the colors of his country. Directorate, New York, where he hopes to speak at the UN forum, thanks to the 72nd General Assembly of this organization. Except that on First Avenue, along the East River, seat of the United Nations,
After President Biya's Ignorance - Here Are The Worst Declarations Of The English Crisis
But Ayuk Julius Tabe is one of those who take their role very seriously and the chairman of the ghost government of this equally ghostly Republic, will still speak ... on a street in New York. This, after the speech of President Paul Biya at the UN forum. In his bagu in front of his supporters, he will denounce "the complicity of the United Nations" with the Cameroonian government against his people.

He is a former member of Eneo, the company producing and distributing electric power. The computer engineer who carried out the majority of his studies abroad, was one of the regional directors of this company. Ayuk Julius Tabe directs his republic through videos posted on the net.

Laurent Esso: The justiciary of denial
The anglophone crisis took on a threatening form in October 2016, with English-speaking lawyers who deserted the courts and colonized the street. According to them, the fault lies with the government, which remains deaf to their claims. The most important being the absence of an English version of the Ohada law.

The government is represented here by the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, who at the beginning of the crisis was one of those who denied the existence of an English-speaking problem. Part of the opinion criticizes Laurent Esso, the chief negotiator with the "black robes", for failing to identify the problem properly and for not having calmed the minds during the negotiations.

In November 2016, at a press conference, Laurent Esso is with the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary. While mere corporatist claims take the form of socio-political demands that quickly set the anglophone regions of the northwest and southwest, the two men almost rejected the idea of ​​an "anglophone problem". "Is it really necessary that the culture of others, the languages ​​of others, prevent us from being Cameroonians, to find ourselves our own way. (...) Let us find the way to be Cameroonian. Not Francophone, neither English-speaking nor German-speaking.

Let us be Cameroonians and pose the problems of the Cameroonians ". Such is the plea of ​​the Keeper of the Seals. The street unfortunately continues to scold and the attempts of the Minister of Justice to catch the blow will remain futile. The presentation in March 2017 of the measures taken by the government to defuse the crisis will not achieve the expected results. Sent on a mission of explanation abroad, the message of Laurent Esso will be blurred in Belgium by demonstrators calling now for secession.

Tapang Ivo Tanku: The general without braids
He does not call himself less than "general," and signs all his orders of a "general Ivo" full of authority. Far from being a close friend, or even a comrade-in-arms of Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo, Director of Presidential Security, "General Ivo" is actually a training journalist, formerly of Cameroon Radio Television (Crtv).

Tapang Ivo Tanku, who had been anonymized by the Consortium's leaders, had been transferred to the United States, where he had his QG and from where he directed his army ". A self-proclaimed Generalissimo of the "Republic of Ambazonia", he is one of the most extremist elements of the Anglophone protest movement.

On his Facebook page, the "General" sends "his troops" to break and burn schools and other public buildings, sponsors kidnappings of prefects and sub-prefects in the North-West and South-West regions, death, etc. A cunning demagogue, this superior officer of a different kind has several times announced the supply of last-generation weapons to his troops to wage war against the invader from Yaounde.
Two days ago, one of the multiple Facebook accounts of "General Ivo" was suspended. Reason: the Ambazian general published the personal phone number of the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary, with instructions to bother this government member to the maximum.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary: The repentant spokesman
The Anglophone crisis in the northwest and south-west regions, which now crosses the country, is by far the main concern of the Minister of Communication (Mincom) in recent months. Whether on television sets, organized press briefings or government communications, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, in his position as a government spokesman, did not go unnoticed.

By the end of 2016, his first positions on the issue denied the existence of a socio-political malaise called the "anglophone problem". Months later, while his exits did not help to ease the tensions, the minister will eventually admit that the uneasiness in the so-called English-speaking regions does indeed exist. "At first I did not have that vision.

It was a vision that was perceived through a reducing prism, "acknowledged on September 30, Issa Tchiroma Bakary on a television set. Before admitting, in a word, the failings of the government in the management of this crisis. "We have never claimed that the government is perfect but we proclaim that the government is perfectible," he apologized.

Despite this mea culpa on the issue, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has repeatedly reiterated the position of the government, which rejects any idea of ​​partition of the country. Not without reminding the Cameroonians in general and the secessionists in particular, the one and indivisible character of Cameroon.

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