Tuesday, 1 August 2017

This Is Good News - America To Officially Side With The Southern Cameroons

I am pleased to announce that there shall be a US Senate Briefing on the crisis in the Cameroons. Two US Senators – Cardin and Van Hollen to host briefing on Cameroon tomorrow Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 4:30PM at Dirksen Senate Office Building, #419, Washington, DC. Southern Cameroonians around the Washington DC area may want to grace the event by answering present.

My Comment: They said our actions remain on Facebook but we stopped an entire academic year. They said we are terrorists but we hired a law firm to drag them to court. Do terrorists go to court? They said our efforts will sum up to nought but the world pressure has increased on them. They said the struggle is led by a few misguided individuals but mighty presence of the most intelligent Supreme Court judge, AYAH Paul disgraced them. They said and they said and still saying.

La Republique has labeled us as Facebook restorationists; yet, our actions are causing them to run helter skelter around the world BEGGING for audience at the UN and other countries. They haven’t seen anything yet.

The struggle just started. Man no run.
America To Officially Side With The Southern Cameroons
Interesting Read: The meeting between the US Senators and Ambazonian representatives is crucial and not because the US Senators wield the kind of power to cause France to get out of Ambazonia. It is important because the United States of America voted for the independence of Southern Cameroons but the USA VOTED AGAINST any joining between French Cameroun and Southern Cameroons! At the 896th UN General Assembly on October 6, 1959, informed by various reports from its Consul General in Lagos, John K. Emerson, on true desire of the people of Southern Cameroons to be independent, the US government delegated its Ambassador to the UN, Clement J. Zablouski to vote for the independence and sovereignty of Southern Cameroons when the issue came up. On April 21, 1961, the US led 50 countries to vote for the independence of Southern Cameroons. France did everything to block the vote for independence and failed. France even caused French Cameroun to vote against the independence of Southern Cameroons as per UNGA Resolution 1608XV of April 21,:1961. Having failed to block the independence of SC, France now led French Cameroun and all of francophone Africa (except Mali) to vote against any joining between Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun!

Following the vote for the independence of Southern Cameroons. Ambassador Zabloiski said, “The USA had voted for Resolution 1350 XIII and still finds its provisions satisfactory. The USA congratulates the people of Southern Cameroons for their accession to auto determination as it constitutes the will of the population who want to run its affairs democratically. The government and the opposition parties of Southern Cameroons unfortunately have not come to an agreement however, there is no reason to deny the population of SC a brief, the results of s hurried choice imposed on the population of the trust territory would be catastrophic for the political future”.

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