Monday, 14 August 2017

The Catholic Church has suffered another huge punch less than 2 weeks after the late Bishop Benoit Balla was laid to rest. This time it is not about murder, it is one of the finest Rev Fathers of the Obala Catholic Community in Yaounde Centre Region of Cameroon who has committed what can only be described as an abomination.

It is about a priest in Obala Centre Region of Cameroon Léon Magloire Foe who has been suspended by the Bishop of Obala for violating the oath of celibacy. Father Léon Magloire Foe was recently discovered to have been a happily married father of many.

Marriage documents indicated that the sexually active Priest got married to one Ngono Alice Solange at the Ezezang Council in the Centre region of Cameroon.

It was only after a family squabble between the Priest and his wife that the truth about the matter was brought to the lamplight for all to see.

Father Léon Magloire Foe and and his wife Ngono Alice Solange could not take it from each other any longer and had resulted to commence a divorce proceeding.

It was only on Friday morning that the court decision reaching the dioceses of Obala indicated that Father Léon Magloire Foe had been granted custody of the many children he had with his ex-wife Ngono Alice Solange.
The Cameroon Catholic Church Receives Another Huge Blow - This Time, A Reverend Father Commits An Abomination
The entire Obala Diocese and its Christians were shocked at the macabre discovery and the Bishop of Obala Sosthène Léopold Bayemi Matjei has described the situation as scandalous to the Catholic Church in Cameroon. He insisted that the Prelate has as utmost duty the preservation of the Priestly oath and therefore signed a decree 3 days ago suspending Father Léon Magloire Foe from all Priestly duties.

It should be recalled that it’s been barely two and a half months now that the Catholic Community of Cameroon has been under torments, oppression and attacks from the devil himself. Just when the Catholic Christian thought it will breathe a sigh of relief another demon surfaces through one of their finest priests and casts a dark cloud over the reputation of the Church.

The Cameroon Catholic Church Receives Another Huge Blow - This Time, A Reverend Father Commits An Abomination

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